15 Painted Easter Eggs So Cool You Won’t Want To Crack ‘Em Open

Easter Eggs Lead

Easter is this Sunday. I will never know what eggs and bunnies have to do with it but I appreciate the generous use of candy. For the first time last year, I painted Easter eggs. My friend invited us all over and I was excited. I love crafts and friends and wine and eggs. However, to my dismay when I arrived I found some cups of dye and boiled eggs. “Is this it?” I asked. “Yep. You just dunk them.” There is a difference between painting eggs—creating works of art!—and just dunking them into watercolored paint. How is that at all interesting? Apparently, this is what most people do? I do not understand how that is fun beyond the age of 4 but I guess it’s not supposed to be. This year, I wanted to get a little more provocative and a little more interesting with the Easter egg art, so I decided to look up some of the cool things people do. A boiled egg can be a great canvas and if you have the right brushes you can do some amazing things like recreate some of your favorite works of art, I am talking Van Gogh or pay homage to your favorite cartoon characters. These 15 painted Easter eggs are so cool, you’ll totally forget why you’re painting eggs on a day that has something to do with Jesus.

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