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15 Easter Nails To Get You In The Holiday Pastel Mood

Having happy nails can change my mood. Feeling bummed out? I just look at my brightly colored finger tips and am like, “I look foosh, whatevs.” With Easter coming up and the weather getting warmer, pastels and bold hues are back in. After a winter of painting my nails blood red, nude, black and brown, it’s nice to be able to add some pops of color without them feeling oddly out of place. Why is it that when I am wearing a big dumpy coat and black leggings I feel obtuse wearing yellows, baby pinks and pearly whites? It’s silly but it’s how I feel. Easter is this Sunday and it feels like the perfect time to fully transition from darks and neutrals to the ROY G BIV spectrum. Here are 15 totally cute and creative Easter nails that will get you back in the pastel mood.

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