15 Disgusting Everyday Things We Put Up With Because Life

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nasty shit

If  I stopped to think about all the gross things that I encounter on a regular basis I would be catatonic. Living in a city, living amongst other humans is basically just living in filth or at least, taking for granted strange things because who has the time, seriously? Taking public transportation everyday is a strange luxury.

You can get from any point in this dense city to another. Yet, it’s a disgusting daily adventure in and of itself. As summer approaches I am reminded of how bad a bunch of people smell when they are forced to ride a train cart together. I am reminded, during this wonderful allergy season, that most people can’t help sneezing into their hands then holding onto the pole while the train is moving. It’s not just a hypochondriac’s nightmare cohabiting this manmade jungle, there’s a whole slew of gross things that we have to close our eyes while doing. Sometimes we have to forget what eggs really are, sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves and grab that food from the bottom of the sink, sometimes we have to hold our breath and deal with the ick to get to the good. Thus is life.

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