Fringe Benefits: A Guide To The Season’s Most Boho-Chic Trend

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Fringe has been a mainstay of musical festivals like Coachella for a while now, but this year the trend is taking on a different venue. We’ve been seeing tons of fringe on the streets as well as on the festival grounds, and tastemakers are started to style the pieces in ways that look less indie, more urban.

First things first – pretty much any time you wear anything fringed, you’re going to convey that bohemian mood. You have two choices, though: You can embrace the festival look and go full tilt with it or you can style fringed pieces in unexpected ways, making it look less Coachella / more brunch with the girls. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

If you want to go bohemian:


Stick to fringed pieces during the day: This look will look out of place at night nine times out of ten, which brings me to…

Keep it casual: Add distressed jean shorts to a fringed top. Accessorize with items like head wraps, flat sandals and a slouchy cross body bag. Dressing this look up would just be confusing.

Don’t be afraid to look a bit costume-y: If you’re going for a boho look, you’re probably better off doing it all the way.


If you want to avoid looking too bohemian:

Keep everything else classic: Don’t include any other trends as you’ll come off looking like you’re trying too hard. Stick to pieces like plain black pants and neutral shoes.

Be creative: If you think a fringed piece won’t go with other items in your closet, experiment. Eventually you’ll find something that works, even if it doesn’t same like an obvious fit.

Opt for fringed pieces in black or white: The colorful pieces are much more “musical festival-ish.” A simple white fringed tank or a pair of black fringed boots will look more in place on the sidewalks.


If you’re nervous about trying this trend, opt for smaller pieces that come adorned with some fringe. Some examples:

Bikinis: Rocking a fringed bikini is a great way to stay on trend without wearing something that doesn’t seem like it would be in line with your everyday style. There are tons of really cute ones available right now. This one is affordable and would look great on freshly tanned skin.

Scarves: Subtle fringe on a scarf is a really simple way to wear this trend – and it’ll still look great when fringe is no longer ‘in’.

Bags: Fringed bags are fun, great for concerts and will eventually work well as accessories for Halloween costumes (cowgirl, anyone?).

Kimonos: A kimono with a bit of a trim would be a great topper for a simple summer outfit or even a bathing suit.

Sandals: Subtle fringing on a pair of flat sandals makes this trend a bit more accessible.