OMG Becky, Look at Her Butt: Meet The Latest Trend in Bridal Photos


As a Pinterest devotee, I know the space is mostly reserved for serious DIY ideas, design inspiration, wedding themes and “easy” (read: not easy) recipes. Pinterest isn’t a space to joke around, okay? Because we have some serious decoupaging to do.

Imagine my shock, disgust and “wait, is Ashton Punking me?” bewilderment when I noticed a trend starting to emerge in the realm of bridal photos. After some research, I realized this is no joke. Apparently this summer, butts are very in. As in showing them. To your wedding photographer. To be photographed. To later place on your mantel. In your home. Where decent company, including your parents, are sure to visit. Just want to make sure we’re all understanding this.

Yup, brides are asking their bridesmaids to hike up those beautiful taffeta skirts to show a little butt cheek. Because what says marital bliss more than six of your friends flaunting their g-strings?


…And the original inspiration??


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