19 Thoughts Every Woman Has After a Bad Hookup

bad hookup

You know the saying, “Nothing good happens after 2AM”? I want you all to start embracing it, especially when it comes to hookups. After midnight, drunk fingers start getting itchy to text exes or make out with the Channing Tatum doppelganger leaning against the bar. The thing is, though, that come sunrise your ex still doesn’t want to get back together (despite the sloppy vodka sex you charmed him with) and “Channing Tatum” looks more like a bowl of warm potato salad than Magic Mike.




Try again


Not even close.



And as for your ex?


Yeahhh, he doesn’t want any of that.

The silver lining is that we’ve all been there. Sisters in regret. Crusaders in a post-margarita haze. Fighting the good fight…or at least fighting the line to get an everything bagel with cream cheese. Whatever relieves your hangover and the lingering shame that, yes, this is in fact your real life. If you need to commiserate a little more, here are 19 hilarious photo representations of thoughts we’ve all had while immensely regretting a misguided hookup.

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