Beyoncé Has Been Copying J.Lo For Years And We Never Noticed

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Hole’up! I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard the other day, as I am wont to do, and found a post that quite clearly laid out Beyoncé biting J.Lo’s style. I hadn’t a clue. Fashion, when you’re a performer, is such a huge part of your career, your brand, your livelihood. One “bad” outfit and you’re forever assigned to the worst dressed list.

An artist’s need to establish their own personal aesthetic is essential whether that aesthetic is designer fashion or thrift store t-shirts—personal style is a part of the job. There are plenty of times when two celebs show up to an event with the same outfit (and it is tragic every time), if it happened on Lizzie McGuire, it can happen IRL. Unlike Miley and Rihanna, this is no coincidence at all. As the timeline proves, only after J.Lo wears something does Beyoncé  then wear it. Interesting. Do you think Bey knows? Do you think she plans it? Or does Beyoncé have an uncreative stylist that must have thought, “Oh, they have a similar body type, Imma just copy!”

Either way there is too much evidence to suggest that there isn’t something fishy going on here.


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