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Get a Faux-Glow With These Natural Looking Bronzers

Bing Presents: The CW Premiere Party

If you’ve been spending your summer shielded from the sun — either inside a classroom, shoved behind a desk or camped out hermit style on your couch (that would be me #WorkFromHomeProblems) — don’t fret: You can fake a healthy sun-kissed glow (and avoid those ultra harmful UV rays) by snatching up a good bronzer.

Bronzer’s value is about more than just making you look, well, bronze-er. It can be used to contour your face, add some color, add some shimmer….the list goes on. It even doubles as eyeshadow when you’re in a pinch. So why not grab yourself a little bronzer to fake (or enhance) your summer glow? Take a peek at some of our go-to bronzers when we want a healthy, natural glow.

[Lead image via Imeh Akpanudosen / Stringer / Getty Images]

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