10 Life Lessons From Candidly Nicole

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Candidly Nicole is our new favorite TV show. What started out as Nicole Richie’s web series by AOL has become a full series on VH1. Basically it’s Nicole just being her sassy, witty self. She is crass, funny and basically your dream best friend. It’s a fake reality TV show about Miss Richie’s glamorous life and it’s proving to be the most GIF-able show on TV. There’s a lot to be learned from Nicky. There’s more to her than amazing hair and being strangely married to that guy from Good Charlotte, there’s wisdom nuggets in that sass. What I like best about Nicole is that there isn’t an announce of fakeness to her—the show is fake, most definitely—but she isn’t fake. She isn’t afraid to come off as a little saucy or even admit that she’s bored by high brow shows like The Wire. She isn’t putting on heirs for anyone and it’s, like, really funny, you guys.

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