Love It Or Hate It, Boxers Are Back For Girls

rihanna boxers

Remember back in the day when it wasn’t uncommon to see a guy or girl in baggy jeans with the elastic of their Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein boxers peeking through? The trend appears to be back. I have no idea if I love it or hate it.


The style was mostly appropriated by the hip hop community and made popular by Aaliayh in the ’90s. It definitely is a certain kind of style, typically anyone who sports it has rock solid abs because the look only works with a crop top or sports bra.


There is one thing for sure: I will never ever get behind baggy jeans again. Not for men, not women. Wear culottes, wear palazzo¬†pants, but please don’t make me wear crazy, baggy jeans again. (Or flares.)

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