Now Your Dude Can Add “Dick Day” To His Workout Regimen


Monday is leg day, Tuesday is arms, Wednesday is abs and Thursday is penis? I mean women do kegels to workout their lady bits so why not, right? Well, now dudes might have more incentive to work out with their dicks out. The new SexFit toy tracks sexual health of mens genitals so your dude can see if he’s really maximizing his full potential, you know in dick strength. Show of hands, who didn’t know that a man’s man bits could be out of shape? This girl sure didn’t so don’t be ashamed.

The team of sex toy developers based out of the U.K. created the SexFit with two basic functions. One, it works like a standard c-ring that constricts blood flow making sex last longer. But it also comes built in with a sexual fitness tracker that measures thrusts per minute, calories burned and connects the information with an app via Bluetooth. Terrified yet? It gets better.

You can set the base level over time with SexFit, so when you’re not performing at your highest level it vibrates to let you know you could be doing better. It also vibrates in time with your thrusts to help you set a rhythm, I guess?

Also there’s, you know, the added bonus of seeing how others compare to you with the social media aspect to the app. Because that’s not creepy or strange at all. But I guess nothing gets guys going more than a competitive edge.

This is via Bondara’s website, the creator of the toy:

Users can upload their ‘workout’ to the app and track their performance with the accompanying SexFit app that will provide insights into your intimate workout, including calories burnt and thrusts per minute. Much like other similar fitness tracker innovations, the SexFit allows the most dedicated users to share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones with their peers on social media.

I mean, I guess it’s good if guys want to build their stamina and make sure they are performing at their full potential, but at the same time it’s weird and creepy. Like, I can’t even imagine how this conversation would go with a lady. The product is currently in development, but if you’re dying to try it out you can become a tester sometime at the end of the year.

[Image via Bondara]

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