Get Your Game Face On: We Love This Look For A Summer Day Party

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The best thing about summer? The party tends to start early. Like, super early. Like, you’ll often head out for brunch only to return home around 2AM, bleary-eyed and in love with your life.

Moral of the story? Summer days are something to celebrate. If you’re attending (or throwing) a daytime party in the next few weeks, consider this super fun – but incredibly simple -makeup routine. It’ll definitely make a splash!

Keep it light: If you’re willing to go foundation free, do it! Opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a powder instead. The tinted moisturizer will even you out without giving that heavy feel you get from foundation while the powder will absorb any excess oil – a major summertime beauty complaint.

Go waterproof: A summer time day party always has the potential to turn into a pool party or beach day so come prepared! Pack your suit and limit your eye makeup to a few coats of waterproof mascara. Nix eyeliner for a breezy summer look – if your eyes demand something else, try a subtle, sparkly gold eyeshadow.

Get cheeky: While bronzer gives a beautiful, dramatic glow that looks amazing at night, a swipe of blush is super daytime appropriate and summery. Choose a matte, super bright shade. These look do pretty against tan skin and provide a really fun look. Neon pink or coral are excellent color choices.

Lip it up: Nothing says summer fun better than a bold lip. A high-octane punch of hot pink is exactly what you need to get the party started. A shade like Girl About Town flatters everyone but if you prefer a more matte finish, giveĀ Carthage a try.

As for your hair…: A fishtail braid is a super cute and laid-back look. If you’re talented, give yourself a side swept braid! If you’re like me – always in favor of loose locks and not very good at twisting your strands into submission – go for beachy waves. Scrunch some product into damp hair and go! The beauty of this look is in it’s simplicity and natural quality. Don’t feel the need to look too perfect!

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