5 Splurge-Worthy Essentials Every Girl Should Have in Her Closet


The best wardrobes are the ones that strike that delicate balance between high-end and high street. Creating that kind of closet is a skill. It takes time to figure out how to draw the line between how much is too much to pay for an item, and it’s even more challenging to determine which specific items are worth major cash. The general rule of thumb is that the more classic a piece is, the more it’s worth – the old ‘cost per wear’ thing is so true because those jeans you wear practically every day are more valuable than those trendy pleated pants.

Splurging on a few key, classic items is so important: They’ll be the backbone of your wardrobe for years to come. Of course, determining how much to splurge is relative: One girl may be able to justify snagging a Chanel bag while another may just stick with a far more affordable piece. But whatever your position is, consider picking one of each of these items instead of making three small purchased. You’ll be happy about it in the long run.


The item: Classic black pumps.

Why? Because a pair of black pumps is not only a no-brainer, the kind of item that will look good with everything, it’s also a lifetime item. You can obviously wear these shoes now when you go to bars or clubs, but you can also wear them to job interviews, work meetings and events in the next few years…and as you get older, you’ll realize they become more important than ever. If you go for a cheapie pair they’re probably going to fall apart after a year or two. Splurge and you can save yourself the hassle and expense of having to replace them. Another reason it’s smart to invest? Because a high-end pair made of genuine leather will be so much more comfortable.



The item: A solid everyday bag.

Why? Unlike a shirt or a dress or even a pair of jeans, a bag can be worn every single day. Choosing a good one, one that represents your sense of style, is timeless and won’t fall to pieces, is essential. You can always turn to a trusty everyday bag because unlike clothes, it won’t ever stop being age-appropriate and it will fit you even if your body changes a bit. Also, having one solid bag makes life so much easier than having a ton of cheaper ones.

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The item: A great pair of jeans.

Why? Because you’ll wear them all the freakin’ time, that’s why. A high-end pair of jeans is almost always going to be more flattering. The tailoring is more skillful, the fabric is better….it all just comes together to form a pant that will make the most out of your bod. End of story.


The item: A gorgeous LBD.

Why? Because black is and always will be the new black. Find a dress that makes you feel fabulous and fits you perfectly. If it happens to be a little more expensive than you’d like, consider getting it anyway. You’ll use it a lot, especially if it’s not super revealing, young or trendy.


The item: An amazing jacket.

Why? You can wear them during the fall, the spring and on chilly summer nights, so you want something that will stand up to a lot of wear. Jackets are the sort of thing you just grab throw on and go. If you pick a beautiful one, it adds to any outfit. My personal choice is leather but get whatever style speaks to you.

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