Budget Fashion: 5 Different Outfits Featuring One Pair Of Shorts


As we all know, summer is right around the corner, which means warm weather, cute boys, and barely-there clothing. We all want to look as chic as possible for those summer lunch dates, bonfires, parties, and trips to the boardwalk, but it can be pretty tough when you’re a college student on a budget. Because I’ve had the “I don’t have anything to wear!” meltdown more times than I can count, I’m here to help prevent you from having the same issue. Here are five ways to style the same pair of denim shorts, while still managing to look chic and fashionable.

  • Karen ElleyseCOLLEGECANDY Writer
    Born and raised in the ROC (or Brooklyn, New York) Karen Elleyse is a current junior at Norfolk State University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. She enjoys dancing, singing, reading, writing (ofc), and watching cat videos on YouTube. follow me! @kvrn.__