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Bella Hadid Completely Wiped Out While Walking Down the Michael Kors Runway at NYFW

Bella Hadid Fall NYFW

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Bella Hadid, one of the most fabulous and famous supermodels currently walking runways, took quite a fall at the Michael Kors show today during New York Fashion Week. Sadly for her (and fortunately for everyone else), it was caught on camera from literally every angle.

On the bright side, Hadid looked absolutely stunning in a black sequined dress with sheer ruffles on the arms and sides. She also showed off her impossibly tiny waist with a wide black belt, and her incredibly long limbs in six-inch black platform heels. Clearly the heels are responsible for her dramatic tumble.

Here’s the moment in all its glory:

😱😱😱 Poor Bella #bellahadid at @michaelkors show 😰 #michaelkors #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek

A photo posted by 💃🏼 Fashion Stylist (@zemliakova) on

Let’s take a closer look:

And another:

And one more time:

@bellahadid #BellaHadid @michaelkors #MichaelKors , casting by @johndavidpfeiffer #JohnDavidPfeiffer

A photo posted by Backstage Bombshell (@backstagebombshell) on

Yup, she’s down. Shortly after, Hadid posted the damage on Snapchat, showing off her badly bruised ankle surrounded by band-aids.

Bella Hadid Michael Kors


Yikes. Looks like Hadid had a pretty rough day. But whatever, a ton of greats have fallen on the runway! She’s still beautiful, rich and famous. But we can’t help but love this happened… Bella Hadid is just like us!

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