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This Woman was Heavily Criticized After Posting Photos of her Awesome Body Post-Pregnancy

Hannah Polites Photos


You may remember Hannah Polites from a few months back, when her pregnancy photos went viral online. The 24-year-old Instagram model managed to maintain her near perfect physique even when she was growing another human being in her uterus. While I was amazed by it, many decided to sh*t on her instead. But Polites came out on top, sticking up for herself and women who experience the same kind of body hate while pregnant.

“I do not take the negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood,” the model told the Gold Coast Bulletin. “For the record, doctors have told me bub is healthy. All women’s bodies should be celebrated, especially at a time of pregnancy.”

But unfortunately, three weeks after giving birth, the hate continues. Polites is back in the spotlight after Instagram commenters slammed her for photos she took with her daughter Evaliah Grace.

“You look good but please don’t hold that baby like that,” one commenter wrote. “Looks like she’s got more attention for her phone than supporting than little baby’s neck [sic],” another added. “It looks like she prefers show her body and not the baby,” another commenter said.

Below is the photo in question:

After taking the heat from commenters, Polites edited the photo to add the following caption: “Calm down people, I know how to hold my baby safely and have barely left her side for more than a couple of minutes since she was born. You can bond with your child without needing to lose your identity.”

AMEN SISTER! Other commenters saw her point.

“Good on @hannahpolites for looking so fricking amazing 2 weeks after giving birth while she just probably stopped for 2 seconds from rushing around to take a photo! Because I know if I looked that good then I’d be doing it too! Get some life experience before you judge every single mother out there! [sic]” wrote one supporter.

“You’re a beautiful mother & you don’t need to explain yourself to other haters, especially when you are a midwife. Bless you & your beautiful little girl,” another wrote.

I wholeheartedly agree. Can’t we just leave her alone? Can a woman not be attractive and proud to show off her hard work, and be a mother? Her baby is fine.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

13 days with my little doll 👶.. A moment in my tummy but a lifetime in my heart 💕

A photo posted by hannahpolites (@hannahpolites) on

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