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A Daycare Worker Accidentally Suffocated a Toddler After Unknowingly Sitting on Him

Leonardo Sanchez Death


A 1-year-old boy was found dead at a daycare facility last week after an adult unknowingly sat on him while he was hiding underneath a beanbag chair. Sanchez was trapped underneath the chair for up to 15 minutes and suffocated to death right before his second birthday.

“I’m just confused. I’m so confused on how you don’t know where my kid is,” mother Danielle Sanchez told TV station KSL-TV. “How do you not feel him? How do you not hear him scream?” Police are reviewing surveillance video that shows him climbing under the chair.

According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, the West Jordan Child Center where Sanchez was being watched has been in violation of the Utah Office of Children’s Licensing twice over the last five years. They were accused of lack of supervision in the patio area and for having a hole in their fence big enough for a child to escape. The facility is now being investigated for Sanchez’s death, which could take up to 30 days.

“We regret deeply the tragic death of a young toddler at our daycare facility. No words adequately describe the depth of the sorrow we feel,” the daycare center said in a statement. “And, of course, we do not pretend to understand how devastating this is for the family. We know the family well, we grieve with them, and we pray that God will provide them the comfort and peace they inevitably will need.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family to help with funeral expenses.

“You just don’t know when the last time will be when you see your baby. I dropped him off at daycare not knowing I’ll ever hear his laugh again, hold him again,” his mother told KSL-TV. “Hold your children and give hugs and kisses.”

Sanchez had been attending the daycare for about a year.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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