The Chainsmokers Reveal New Music with Coldplay in Epic Teaser

The Chainsmokers and Coldplay New Music


The Chainsmokers are having one hell of a year. The musical duo are still riding the success of their collaboration with Halsey on the single, “Closer,” which has been at the top of the charts for over three weeks now. Now, it seems as if The Chainsmokers are continuing to move up the music ladder by working on some music with one of pop music’s biggest icons, Chris Martin of Coldplay. Two short teasers have been released, both seem to feature Martin providing vocals of over the duo’s percussive piano

We’re not sure if the teasers are getting us excited for a full-on collaboration or just a Chainsmoker’s song featuring Chris Martin. Either way, this is a huge step for the pop duo and we are so excited to see what this group of incredibly talented artists comes up with. Hopefully their new song is “closer” rather than farther away from being released on the airwaves! Check out the two teaser videos below.


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