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Jim Carrey Allegedly Gave His Ex-Girlfriend the Drugs That Killed Her, New Lawsuit Claims

New lawsuit claims Jim Carrey gave drugs to ex-girlfriend Cathriona White that lead to her death

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

We always thought Jim Carrey was a little (okay…a lot) weird, but he always seemed harmless enough. And he’s a good, if not eccentric, film actor. But documents filed today in California revealed that Jim Carrey is being sued for the alleged involvement in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White. Lawyers representing Mike Burton, White’s husband, claim that Carrey obtained illegal prescription drugs, and gave to White before her suicide.

Burton is suing for wrongful death and violation of the drug dealer liability act. “After obtaining these drugs illegally and under a bogus name (‘Arthur King’), Mr. Carrey proceeded to provide the prescription drugs to his 30-year-old girlfriend, Cathriona White,” the lawsuit reads. “Mr. Carrey did so despite the fact that he knew full well that Ms. White was ill equipped to ingest and manage highly addictive prescription drugs outside the care of a licensed physician…was prone to depression…and had previously attempted to take her own life.”

White overdosed on prescription medication in September 2015, and left a suicide note, which apparently addressed her relationship with Carrey. They had met in 2012. Cosmo reports that White and Carrey had been dating off and on, even though she was still officially married to Burton. She had filed for divorce from Burton in December 2014. They had broken up a week before her suicide, friends claim.

The lawsuit also alleges that Carrey took measures to cover up his participation in White’s death. Burton, who was separated from White at the time of her death, claims that Carrey “took steps to conceal and obfuscate his involvement and culpability in Ms. White’s untimely and tragic death.”

Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Cathriona White Found Dead From Apparent Suicide

Carrey or his assistants apparently monitored White’s house via surveillance cameras, but failed to report that she hadn’t left the house in more than a day, according to E! News. The allegations state that the coroner investigating White’s death “determined that the drugs had been obtained by defendant Carrey under a bogus name.” As a result,”In an effort to cover-up his conduct and complicity in her death, Carrey sent a bogus text message on Sept. 27, 2015 to White (who was already deceased) pretending as though he had misplaced the drugs and insinuating White may have taken them from Carrey without his knowledge.”

Burton’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, posted to Twitter about approaching the Los Angeles DA to open an investigation into White’s death and whether Carrey had anything to do with it. He seemed confident about finding evidence to support the allegations when commenting to E! News.

There has been no word from Carrey’s representatives or attorney. After White’s suicide, Carrey released an emotional statement about his grief for her and her loved ones, and was even a pallbearer at her funeral last October.

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