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WATCH: Man Treats NYPD Officers Near Explosion Site In Chelsea To Starbucks, Proving Kindness Still Exists

Shutterstock/Sean Wandzilak

Shutterstock/Sean Wandzilak

For anyone in New York City and New Jersey, this was a scary weekend. But that’s what those people behind the explosives found in NYC, Elizabeth, and Seaside wanted to do: to scare us.

One man named Jermaine showed that good people do still exist in a small act of kindness: delivering Starbucks coffee to the NYPD officers who were protecting the area around Saturday night’s explosion in Chelsea.

On Sunday, Jermaine called over two young policemen to give them bags full of goodies including coffee and snacks. They thanked the man, who confesses, “I wish I could give a little more.”

Watch the touching video below.

It’s just coffee and pastries, but these NYPD officers and others in the tri-state have been working nonstop since the explosions this weekend. This is the kind of thing that’s going viral for all the right reasons – it’s showing that we all can do our part to support police, firefighters and others as they work to keep us safe.

This is a scary situation, but if any good comes out of it, it’s that we all come together in the tough times.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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