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Kim Kardashians Wants to Attend Law School Once “Things Slow Down”

Kim Kardashian Law School


If you’ve ever wished Kim Kardashian could get you out of a jail sentence, you’re in luck! The questionably intellectual reality star has her hopes set on law school once things “slow down.” So what if she has yet to earn herself a college degree?! A girl can dream!

In a new interview with Wonderland magazine, the selfie-obsessed reality star explained, “If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school – just something I can do in my older age.”

Yes, law school sounds like a great pastime.

Kim’s father Robert Kardashian earned a law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and infamously went down in history as the man who got presumed murderer O.J. Simpson acquitted. You might also remember him as that guy Ross Gellar played in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story — whichever suits your fancy.

But while Kim might have dreams to follow in her famous father’s footsteps, she’s missing one key element that would allow her to even qualify for the prestigious education: a college degree. Unlike her sister Kourtney, the only person in the Kardashian clan who’s graduated from college, Kim only went to high school. In short: she’s got her work cut out for her.

Kim’s brother Rob also had aspirations to attend law school, but instead, as the Daily Mail puts it, he “became a sock entrepreneur” instead. Luckily, the possibility of Kim’s kids taking the same route are slim.

“I’m gonna be that annoying, pushy mom and say I want to live vicariously through my kids and have them be a forensic investigator,” she told Wonderland. “I’ve always been into the most morbid things. I was really nosy when my dad was working on the O.J. trial, and I would look through all his stuff, and I just wish I was in that field.”

She continued, “It’s the only type of TV I really like to watch. I love Making A Murderer. I love any murder show… I would love to be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.”

Hmm… this must be what it feels like when I tell my friends I have plans to be the next Mrs. Leonardo DiCaprio

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