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Former ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Guest Gives Birth Live on Facebook and WTF Did We Just Watch?

Lisa D'Amato birth Facebook ANTM

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lisa D’Amato, the former “out there” contestant on America’s Next Top Model and Celebrity Rehab, recently gave birth live on Facebook Live. Yep, she literally gave birth on a live stream for everyone to see. You can still take a look at the video here, but watch at your own risk. In the video, D’Amato gives birth to her second child, Venice Sire. This is the second child for D’Amato and her husband, Adam Friedman, who welcomed their first child, Daxel, in 2013. D’Amato was in labor for around 14 hours and the delivery went well, as you can see in the video. She even goes into a discussion with her doctor about her “lady bits” which is seriously just classic D’Amato.

Honestly, we are not even in the least bit shocked by this. It’s actually incredibly on brand with D’Amato’s particular kind of craziness. D’Amato has been known to be pretty frank and a little wacky on all of her reality TV stints. To her, the zaniness is just a way to break out of her shell and chill. Take a look at the hilarious video below and you be the judge of that.

This isn’t the first time that a Facebook live stream has really been less than normal. Remember Chewbacca Mom? Probably not. She became famous after her crusade to find a Chewbacca mask in Walmart. Steve-O even streamed a major rant against SeaWorld on Facebook Live. Many more events that have been streamed on Facebook have ranged from the raunchy to the truly horrible. D’Amato’s live stream of the birth of her child, though, that’s in a category all on its own.

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