WATCH: Third Presidential Debate Full Video & Highlights

Final presidential debate tonight, viewing details

Getty Images

Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took to the stage for the final presidential debate, and there was a lot going on. Some things you could expect — Donald Trump’s sniffling, Hillary Clinton’s composed demeanor, ISIS being thrown around like a bat out of hell — and other things were new, like actually talking about key issues thanks to moderator Chris Wallace, who made a clear effort to keep both on-track.

Both candidates squared off in Las Vegas, giving the age old saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” a run for its money. As expected, there were several heated moments, complete with interruptions, questionable snarls and vile commentary. It was like watching a Jerry Spring episode with guests who actually kept their clothes on. It was magical!

ICYMI, here’s the full video of last night’s debate. Be warned — you’re going to need a drink after this.

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