Step Aside, Magic Mike: 15 Celebrities Who Used To Be Strippers


They say it’s the world oldest profession, and it’s also one that plenty of celebrities have turned to before making it big in Hollywood.


When people are trying to be a successful actor or musician, they’re often working with a small budget. To pay the bills, stars such as Lady Gaga, Chris Pratt, and even Brad Pitt turned to taking their clothes off. (If only we knew at the time that Channing Tatum could have been giving us a lap dance — there would have been a line around the country.)

Plenty of celebs have been open about their past, but others are much more surprising. The very classy Catherine Zeta-Jones, for example, got on the pole in order to pay for a nose job before becoming an Oscar-winning actress!

Check out the gallery below for 15 celebrities you didn’t know were strippers below.

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