New Technology Will Make Users Lick Their Phones For Pleasure


Ladies, are you tired of the same old vibrations and pulse patterns on your sex toys? Maybe you’ve even thought of customizing them to better suit your special me time? Look no further. The¬†webcam platform CamSoda recently released their newest product O-Cast. The company describes it as “the iTunes of oral sex for women.” It comes with a downloading app which is used to record your ideal form of oral pleasure. Users can then upload their custom patterns to CamSoda.

But wait, there’s more. If you want to add some heat to your solo performance, get a Lovense “Lush” Bluetooth egg vibrator. With it, you can download O-Cast patterns made by others if you don’t feel like making your own. The best part about it? No complaining about a sore jaw.

Unfortunately, there’s always a downside to technology. The most obvious setback is how to accurately record your ideal oral sex pattern. Sure, you can use your fingers with the app (or even your mouse if you have the desktop app), but then it’s not really true to the act. It’s recommended that users lick their phones to simulate their desired oral sex. Yup. Put your tongue on your dirty screen and have a field day.

Obviously you’d want to clean your phone before getting it anywhere near your mouth (and after as well), but you can’t deny that it still feels a little weird to go down on your iPhone. Regardless, some users already report successful and positive experiences using the app, so maybe give it a go?

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