Most Obnoxious Man Of All Time Swipes Right Just To Call Tinder Match ‘Fat’


The rules of Tinder used to be so simple. You swiped left for “nope” and right for “yes.” When you got a match, you got to know the other person and went out for dinner or a movie. This is what we call “dating,” and it’s the prime purpose of downloading a dating app. But others — like this a**hole — use the service to mess with other users.

After matching with 23-year-old Connor, a woman was bombarded with body shaming messages from who she thought was a prospective suitor. Unfortunately, Connor didn’t just stop at her physical appearance. He continued to insult her integrity and proved to be an insufferable asshat of epic proportions.


The exchange was later posted on Facebook. According to Elite Daily, a friend of the woman said:

My best friend is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, inside AND out, and she did not deserve any of those disgusting words. I don’t think anyone, for that matter, deserves to be treated this way. Connor is a wonderful example of how mean, cruel and ignorant people can be.

If he’s so fixated on dating someone in his league, maybe he should date himself. If he’s on Tinder, he’s probably already in a long relationship with his right hand.

Do people think it’s okay to harass others just because they’re not actually saying it to their faces? Do dating apps give people a “free pass” to act like a cruel bigot? I could continue on, but the story gets worse from here. Connor admitted that he swiped right just to tell her to “be humble and stay in [her] league” and sounded like he should be praised for giving such helpful advice to her. If I ever met this guy face to face, I’d gladly shove him into his league of trash.

Despite the stupidity spewing out of this man’s mouth, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, took it like a champ. Instead of taking his bait and responding harshly, she kept the moral high ground and spoke like a good and decent human being should, unlike Connor. She told Elite Daily:

What I want people to know at the end of the day [is that] it’s more important to be known for being a kind person or an intelligent person or loving and caring rather than what I look like. Being called fat hurts, but there are worse things I could be called, and I know that I bring to the table a lot more than he will ever realize because I treat people kindly, with love and respect, regardless of their appearance.

Unfortunately, Tinder horror stories like these happen all the time. I’ve had a few rough encounters myself with people that take advantage of dating apps like Tinder and Grindr. They’ll prey on people who just want to find love or hookup for the fun of it. Dating apps are meant to bring people together, not to judge others for their appearance or integrity. But sadly, trolls thrive in conditions like these.

At the very least, our mystery woman will go down in internet history as a strong individual that wouldn’t let anyone push her down. And Connor? If I ever find him on Tinder, I’ll send him a link to this article.

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