Hey, Girl – This L.A. Cafe Is Serving Ryan Gosling Lattes

Ryan Gosling may resent the “Hey Girl” and Feminist Ryan Gosling memes his name has become synonymous with, but the rest of the world is still a fan of their imagined thoughtful boyfriend — and now one cafe is monetizing his angelic face with foam.

Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles uses a machine called a Ripple Maker to take any image and print it on the foam layer of your cappuccino or latte, Los Angeles Magazine reports. Naturally, the on-screen love-letter scribe and jazz aficionado was the perfect candidate.

Ryan Gosling on your latte and our goat cheese salad for lunch? What else do you need?

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If Noah Calhoun’s rain-drenched body shouting “It’s not over! It still isn’t over!” doesn’t do it for you, the cafe’s Instagram page is littered with other options. They have latte art with “Don’t Give Up,” “Good Vibes Only,” “Hello,” “Ciao Bella,” Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the Chanel logo, peace signs, and Kim Kardashian‘s ugly crying face etched into the foam (to name a few.)

We couldn't agree more! ✌🏼

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What better way to start the day than with a motivational quote printed onto your latte.

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*Buddy the Elf voice* Congratulations, you did it! World’s best cup of coffee!

But really.

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