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about us

Do you ever wish magazines had real sex tips that didn’t require acrobatics training? How about a fashion blog that included items that the average human being could afford?  A place to catch up on current events, pop culture, web trends, Suri’s whereabouts, birth control legislation, internship tips and yes, even celebridogs!

Well wish no more! College Candy is all that…and more! We’re the ultimate resource for the college woman looking to be entertained in a variety of ways. Yep, I said a variety of ways. We have blogs, we have tweets, we have Tumblr, we have a Youtube channel, and we have Facebook. That’s right. We’re modern college women and with over 100 talented student writers on campuses across the country, we’re proud to say we do it all!

Want even more information? Email us at editor (at) collegecandy (dot) com.

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