Sarah Weingarten

Writer and social media addict. When I'm not scrolling through various timeline's I'm researching skin care regiments and watching the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Jun 21, 2017

Twitter Is Not Having The Ken Doll Makeover

Why does he look like he should have a vape pen?

Jun 16, 2017

Halima Aden Looks Beautiful In Her First ‘Vogue’ Spread

Halima Aden has been shaking up the modeling industry ever since she became a finalist in Miss Minnesota USA pageant....

Jun 16, 2017

Who Is Cuca, Twitter’s New Favorite Meme?

It’s safe the say that the internet already has no chill and if anything is worth turning into a meme,...

Jun 16, 2017

Did Katy Perry Make Music With Taylor Swift’s Ex To Get Back At Her?

It seems like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift will never squash their beef. The two pop singers have been taking...

Jun 16, 2017

Plus Size Model Clapped Back At Her Fat Shaming Haters & It’s Amazing

When will the general public understand that bathing suits are for everyone of every size? Having a “bikini body” is...

Jun 15, 2017

Serena Williams Is The Picture Of Modern Feminism In This WILD Video

Just casually playing tennis in her THIRD trimester.