Apr 7, 2016

Bad News: Your Gym Equipment Is Probably More Disgusting Than A Toilet

This may be a damn good excuse if you feel like skipping the gym today.

Apr 6, 2016

Here’s What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Typical Day

Turns out that Jen isn't always on some sort of miracle juice cleanse.

Apr 5, 2016

An Eighth-Grader Totally Nailed Why BMI Is Just Another Dumb Number

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Mar 30, 2016

8 Creative Ways To Make Yourself Not Hate The Gym

How to become that girl that *gasp* actually likes going to the gym.

Mar 17, 2016

Plus-Size Model Candice Huffine Is Running A Half-Marathon To Show That Your Size Doesn’t Always Reflect Your Fitness

"Changing my size or changing the number on a scale is so far from anything to do with it."

Mar 11, 2016

This 16-Year-Old Amputee Gymnast Has Set The Highest Of Standards

When 16-year-old Kate Foster lost her leg from Leukemia, she was only 12 years old. A gymnast, she assumed her...

Feb 12, 2016

Need Fitness Inspiration? Meet The Woman Who Lost Half Her Body Weight To Win A Bikini Contest

"I am so proud of my scars and stretch marks as they tell my story and how far I've come."

Jan 20, 2016

Fitness Model Shows Off Stomach Rolls To Prove That No Body Is Perfect

"I automatically think “ew!” because this is what society has conditioned me to think."

Dec 31, 2015

5 Fun Fitness DVDs That’ll Help You Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes hauling your butt to the gym is the last thing you want to do.

Dec 30, 2015

Women’s Health Is Losing The Phrase “Bikini Body” On Its Magazine Covers For Good

"Sorry, but women in 2016 want stories that, as one reader so aptly suggested, “focus on wellness and less on unrealistic weight-loss goals.”