• 8 Must-Have Items for Your At-Home Mini-Gym

    The summer I spent running and working out at home I was in the best shape of my life. The combo of intense cardio and focused strength training really worked for me, and I didn’t need to spend $30+ each month to do it.

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    This week's fit-fix is an awesome, calorie-burning yoga routine - yes, yoga! And get this, you'll burn over 500 calories and still feel relaxed and more centered, ready to take on the week!

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    We all have those days when it just isn't going our way, when we're a little too hard on ourselves, or have an easier time picking out more negatives than positives, and that classic scene from Mean Girls comes to mind.

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    It seems to always be the same few comments (or should I say judgments) from people who seem to not only have different habits, but who seriously cannot understand why going to the gym or working out would ever be a priority...to anyone.

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    So why, you ask, am I posting a "lazy girl's workout," which seemingly refutes the need for motivation or hard work? The simple answer is: we're not perfect, and sometimes our workouts need a little tweaking to make them, well, work out.

  • 6 Risks I’m Promising to Take In The Gym And On My Plate

    I'm trying really hard to make this new healthy lifestyle stick, so I need to keep things interesting. I'm using this post to make a vow to all my fellow CC'ers that I will continue to spice up my lifestyle and try new things, while hopefully inspiring some of you to do the same.

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    Last week, we got fitness tips straight from the female Olympians of Sochi 2014. And now that you have the motivation to train like a female Olympic athlete, put it to the test with this fun and easy Sochi 2014 Winter Games Workout!

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    Looking like a Baluga doing the worm while crunching in your own home is completely fine. But when we step out in public with a buncha meat heads/Vicky's Secret babe wannabes crowding us while we're working out, sticking to a fitness routine gets a little daunting.

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    Everyday life beats the crap out of us, and it's always easier for us to think of an excuse to derail the small amount of progress we've made instead of actually maybe not drinking that whole bottle of wine ourselves and not considering Frito-Lay its own food group.

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    Who doesn't embrace the idea of changing your body for the better? The chance to get healthier, get in better shape, and just feel better overall is definitely an enticing result of working out at home or hitting the gym, so why is it sometimes so damn difficult to actually bring ourselves to "just do it?"

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