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Mar 16, 2016

Mom Of Five Shells Out $500,000 To Look Like A Human Barbie Doll

Hope those kids don't need college tuition money.

Mar 15, 2016

Birth Control Pills For Men Are Very Close To Becoming A Reality

It's about time guys share the burden, am I right?

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Mar 11, 2016

This 16-Year-Old Amputee Gymnast Has Set The Highest Of Standards

When 16-year-old Kate Foster lost her leg from Leukemia, she was only 12 years old. A gymnast, she assumed her...

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The Makers Of ‘Normal Barbie’ Have Created A ‘Normal Ken’ Too

Because boys have unrealistic body expectations too.

Mar 9, 2016

DIY Abortions Are On The Rise In The United States, According To Disturbing Google Searches

It's concentrated in areas where it's most difficult to get an abortion.

Mar 7, 2016

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Mar 2, 2016

A Company Is Offering Female Staff ‘Period Leave’ Every Month – Is This Crazy, Awesome, Or Crazy Awesome?

I'm all for a day to put on my oldest sweatpants and distract myself from my cramps with Netflix.

Feb 25, 2016

Former Model Criticizes Decision To Put Size 16 Ashley Graham On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Well, I guess she and Nicole Arbour can start their own (very small) club.

Feb 25, 2016

UK Student Almost Dies After Forgetting About A Tampon For 9 Days Due To Exam Stress

Still not understanding how you can forget about that for nine days...

Feb 18, 2016

Science Says You Should Drink Wine Before Bed To Get Skinny

And we should probably listen to science.

Feb 17, 2016

Did Amy Schumer Seriously Just Body Shame Taylor Swift?

"Taylor, that's not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap."

Feb 12, 2016

Need Fitness Inspiration? Meet The Woman Who Lost Half Her Body Weight To Win A Bikini Contest

"I am so proud of my scars and stretch marks as they tell my story and how far I've come."

Feb 9, 2016

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Tattoo

Because they don't wash away like temporary Lisa Frank ones from our childhood.

Feb 9, 2016

Size 14 Model Iskra Lawrence Is The Newest Beautiful Face Of Aerie Real

"I got told I wasn't good enough, and I could never make it."

Feb 3, 2016

WATCH: YouTube Blogger Was Told By Walmart Employee That She Couldn’t Try On Clothes Because She Might “Stretch” Them

She caught the woman on film telling her that the clothes were "obviously not going to fit."

Jan 28, 2016

Barbie Just Got A Makeover With 3 Different Body Types, Including A Curvy Doll

This is one small step for Barbie, one giant leap for body positivity.

Jan 26, 2016

Bad News: Unprotected Sex Causes Diarrhea

Your post-smush cuddle might be interrupted.