• Don’t Panic! 6 Things It Could Be Other Than an STD

    Whether it's an uncomfortable sensation, a funky looking bump or a weird smell -- your stomach drops and you ask yourself, "Shit. Do I have a sexually transmitted disease?"

  • Turns Out Beauty Rest is a Real Thing: 5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Your BFF

    Staying up until the wee hours of the morning is cute until ]you wake up looking 5 years older.

  • Back to School Boot Camp: Core Challenge [CC's ShapeU]

    It's that time again: in addition to today, Tuesday, signifying that we're a day closer to the weekend - thank God - it's also the third installment of ShapeU's Back-to-School Boot Camp! This week's toning session focuses on the core and gives our midsections some TLC!

  • A Late Period Might Not Be the End of the World!

    It is probably the most frightening thing in the entire world, but also one of the funniest because it seems that every time you have a missed period it's after some awkward encounter with a guy at the bar that you would NEVER want to have a child with.

  • What Your Pubes Say About You

    Confession: I don't shave my pubes. I don't wax my pubes. I am au natural and yes, it's like a jungle down there.

  • I’m Sick Of People Judging My Fake Boobs

    For my 18th birthday I got to pick between the practicality of my own car or the vanity of a boob job, I went with the boob job. I have no regrets!

  • Back to School Boot Camp: 5-Minute Cardio Intervals [CC's ShapeU]

    For today's video, I used part of a 50 minute class I teach on campus called RIPPED!

  • Study Says, Women Would Rather Be Sexless Than Old Looking

    Why are women saying that they would give up sex (?!!!) if it could make them younger looking?

  • Back to School Video Boot Camp: Upper Body Strengthening [CC's ShapeU]

    Every Tuesday in September will feature a different workout made specifically for college girls like us -- those with no time or money to hit the gym or hire a trainer, but all the intentions in the world to look hot this school year!

  • I Had To Give Up One of My Favorite Sex Acts [Sexy Time]

    It's definitely a tiny bit heartbreaking when something that brings you pleasure ultimately doesn't agree with you.

  • The Perils Of Having Big Boobs

    In middle school when they came in with full fury, I'd overhear the guys talking about how I had the biggest breasts in our grade.

  • 10 Minutes to Train: Equipment-Free Cardio CrossFit Workout [CC's ShapeU]

    This 10 Minute CrossFit Workout has some serious benefits for our schedule, wallet, AND our waistline: besides the fact that it only takes ten minutes, it also requires zero equipment!

  • How One Sip of Soda Dangerously Impacts Your Body [Infographic]

    You undoubtedly already know how much sugar is in each can of un-diet soda, and how aspartame in diet beverages is wildly dangerous, but did you know that just a little bit of soda can send your body reeling?

  • Cut Down on Belly Bloat with These Great Tips

    The freshmen 15 is no myth, friends. It's like as soon as you walk on campus, BAM you're fat.

  • Diesel Uses Diverse Tumblr Users As Models For New Ad Campaign

    Artistic Director of Diesel, Nicola Formichetti’s, decided to use notable Tumblr users for her first advertising campaign.

  • New Toning Trends to Tweak Your Routine! Plus, Trendy Fitness Gear [CC's ShapeU]

    Much like Beyonce tweaked her locks, or Joan Rivers tweaks her face every year (dear God, maybe not that extreme), so too can we tweak our toning moves!

  • Easy Ways To Combat Stress Before Heading Back To School

    Relieving stress (or downright avoiding it) while preparing to head back to school is key to actually having a good first week

  • How Even YOU Can Train for A 5K Fun Run [CC's ShapeU]

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term: fun runs are organized events during which a large number of people, usually organized in teams or small groups of friends, get together and run a certain distance.

  • Va J-J Visor Is Hat For Your Vagina, ‘Cause You Need That!

    There is a thing called the Va J-J Visor that is a hat for your clitoris . . .

  • Think Twice Before You Use That Tampon

    Did you know that tampons are essentially cigarettes? And you know where that tampon cig is being stuck. No ma'am.

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Flat Out Lying To Women About Abortions

    They found that 71% of Virginia CPCs flat out lie to women about healthcare.

  • Are You Happy With Your Naked Body? [Poll]

    Kelly Rowland said, “I have to see myself naked! That’s all that counts. If I’m not happy with my naked body, who will be?”

  • The Nine-to-Five Toning Session: Sculpt the Perfect Butt and Legs at Work [CC's ShapeU]

    I think we can all agree that office jobs are a bit of a drag no matter what they entail, especially when it comes to managing and maintaining a workout routine.

  • Do You Smoke Marijuana? 36% Of You Do, Stop Frontin’

    Hot new Millennial trend: less young people are smoking weed!