• Butter In Your Coffee? The Weirdest New Diet Fad

    This new diet requires that users stick 2/3 of a stick of butter in their coffee. Apparently it promotes weight loss and gives you more energy. Huh?

  • The Best Grilled Cheese You’ll Ever Have [Intro to Cooking]

    There are just some foods that will always make us feel better when we're down in the dumps--comfort food. For some people it's tomato soup. For others, it's mashed potatoes. For me, it's grilled cheese.

  • The HPV Vaccine Is Totally Working

    Gardasil first arrived in 2006 and since then cases of HPV in women and girls have decreased by 50%.

  • About That Time I Had To Buy A Pregnancy Test

    There are a few things I'm a little embarrassed to buy at the drugstore. Condoms, lube, yeast infection medication and pregnancy tests.

  • Get A Beautiful Booty with Karena and Katrina [CC's ShapeU]

    With the first day of summer only a few days away, and the eminent beach trips and pool parties that go with it, now is a perfect time to get our hineys in shape!

  • Sunburns Are Gross, But These Lotions Will Help Your Angry Lobster Skin

    People who get them don't like them because it makes them look ugly, and I don't like them because I don't like looking at people with pieces of themselves falling off.

  • Government Is Cracking Down On Your Adderall Fueled Study Seshes

    Have you ever taken adderall? I have not.

  • It’s Time To Reclaim The Word “Slut” [Candy Dish]

    Whenever I hear a guy refer to a girl as a "slut," my blood boils. My face turns bright red and I just want to scream in a fit of rage.

  • The Coolest Summer Treat [Intro to Cooking]

    I'm always looking for easy recipes, and let me tell you, this is one of the easiest I've found!

  • Summer Workout Breakdown: New Workouts to Try and How to Stay Safe

    Most of these will not only burn calories, but will also target specific muscles for a complete head-to-toe workout session! And as an added bonus, here are some summer workout safety tips to refresh yourself with.

  • These Brownies Will Blow Your Mind [Intro to Cooking]

    I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I make some of the best brownies in the world.

  • The Many Varied Benefits of Masturbation

    I feel like everybody is so scared to talk about it. If you buy yourself a new pair of shoes are you ashamed of it? No. Those shoes were a gift to yourself. You deserved them. And that's exactly what masturbation is, a gift to yourself.

  • If Jennifer Lawrence Is Fat, Then I Am A Behemoth. A Fierce Behemoth.

    Commenters were ruthless about Jennifer Lawrence's body in her Mystique photos.

  • Tone the Zone: Target Those Areas We Love! [CC's ShapeU]

    We've all done it: whether in the dressing room of our favorite shop, working out at the gym, or passing by a reflective building. We've all checked out our bods (though some a little more shamelessly than others).

  • It’s Muffin Time! [Intro to Cooking]

    I found this amazing recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, and they're all I have been thinking about since. Moist, soft, and sweet--these muffins are the best way to start off any morning.

  • Rihanna Gets Off on Brazilian Waxes, Plus Other Celebs Talking About Their Pubes

    Once you hit a certain age, there is no reason that you shouldn't be keeping everything nice and trim. We've noticed a lot of celebrities have had waxing on the brain lately.

  • I Have A Hair On My Boob

    Clearly I am turning into a wolf.

  • Kick Your Cardio Routine’s Butt With Jillian Michael’s Cardio-Kickboxing

    Ditch your usual cardio routine of mapping your run, selecting those pre-set workouts on the treadmill, or planning out your own circuit moves. Instead check out this awesome cardio-kickbox workout from Jillian Michaels!

  • The Masturbation Diet Will Get You That Killer Bikini Bod and Rosy Just-F*cked Glow (JK)

    According to this new diet, its not grapefruits or apples or even magic smoothies that you need to get fit. It's masturbation. And lots of it.

  • The Most Ridiculous Weight Loss Trends of All Time

    For many of us, this may have been the first weekend we were really able to be in our bikinis. In honor of this emotionally trying time for many of us, I have compiled a list of the most ridiculous weight loss trends of all time.

  • The Ultimate Party Dip [Intro to Cooking]

    Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Do you guys know how much food I am going to chow down because of beer, burgers, and barbecues? I'm getting bloated just thinking about it.

  • The 6 Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life

    I used to hate stillness, quiet, moments that demanded self-reflection. I used to be harsh, difficult, some might say insensitive, and my mother would certainly say impatient.

  • Toning Moves to Improve Your Running Workouts [CC's ShapeU]

    Whether you love to run, or hate to run but do it anyway because you know it's an effective workout that doesn't require much coordination (says the girl who took a spill on last week's outing - watch the sidewalks people), wouldn't you love if it were a little easier?

  • Banana Matcha Green Tea Muffins [Intro To Cooking]

    I'm always trying to eat healthier but still eat foods that are satisfying. I've tried recipies that are super healthy but just taste...blah.