• Here’s How To Talk To Your Crush Without Completely Embarrassing Yourself

    If you're anything like me, you know that deep down a lack of flirting skills is usually due a lack of confidence. Sometimes, our insecurities get the best of us, and we're tongue-tied.

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  • 5 Personal Challenges That Will Make Your Life Better

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  • How To Break Up With Your Boo (And Not Look Like a Jerk)

    Breaking up is hard to do. Where you're the breaker or the breakee, there is almost always hurt and pain.

  • “Facebook: The Musical” Combines All My Least Favorite Things, But Is Wildly Accurate

    You'll feel the same rage while you're watching this video as you do while trying to talk to a friend who is mmmhmmm-ing you to death while they scroll through endless status updates and ugly baby photos.

  • The Only “Songs of Summer” Playlist You’ll Need All Season (It’s That Awesome)

    To get more into the summer mood, I put together a playlist of the Ultimate Songs of Summer. There's a song on here for every mood from that carefree summer day to that unwanted summer sadness. Let these songs be the soundtrack to wherever summer takes you!

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  • How to Not Look Like a Hot Mess When the Weather Gets Hot

    We've been waiting too long to don our bikinis for vacations at the beach, and looking forward to perfectly lazy days spent soaking up the sun. We're here, and summer is everything we imagined it would be... except for the sweat, frizzy hair, and heat exhaustion.

  • 10 Songs for the Perfect Make-Out Sesh

    Something that is a must during those first few amazing make-out sessions with a new boo is the tunes that you're grooving to in the background.

  • 10 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your High School Friends After Graduation

    You know the scene; it's high school graduation and you are hugging your friends goodbye promising to keep in touch and that you'll all be best friends forever. At that moment in time, it's impossible to think that you'll have completely new relationships with different people in just a few short months.

  • Amazing, but Totally Inappropriate, Mother’s Day Cards

    If you're a terrible daughter like me, you still haven't gotten your mom a Mother's Day card. So it's probably time to get on that.

  • Break Out the Body Glitter, This is a 90s Middle School Dance Playlist

    This weekend grab your BFFs, invite some guys over (but make sure they stand on the opposite side of the room not talking to you), dim the lights and crank up this playlist. From Aqua to Jay-Z, all your favorite 90s middle school dance hits are here. Now just don't forget to leave room for Jesus, kids. And no grinding.