• Sorority ‘D Sucking Queen” Advises Sorority Sisters To Learn To Swallow

    "The best thing you can do for your sex life is to learn to love sucking d*ck. It is one of my favorite pastimes. I could suck d*ck for like 7 minutes, anything after that is too long."

  • Want to Be CollegeCandy’s Sex & Relationship Editorial Intern? [Summer 2014]

    Do your friends constantly look to you for the best relationship advice? Are you the Picasso of flirt-texting? Do you always have an opinion on celebrity break ups, make ups and hook ups?

  • Amazing Girl Uses Facebook To Put Herself In Famous Scenes

    Some people are just better than me.

  • The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Decision Will Affect College Students

    "Race matters because of the slights, the snickers, the silent judgments that reinforce that most crippling of thoughts: 'I do not belong here.'"

  • 11 Lessons I Learned My Freshman Year of College

    As well as a ton of literary theory and how to correctly reference in an essay, I learned some important lessons in my freshman year of college...

  • 8 Grown-Up Crafts You Can Do with Puff Paint

    Now that we're mature women of the Pinterest era, it's suddenly cool to craft again. I urge you, go to your nearest Wal-Mart or Michael's or Hobby Lobby and pick up some Puff Paint once more.

  • Student Says Professor Lowered Her Grades Because She Is A Stripper

    "I was asking for a recommendation and he asked me what I did, I thought he was a great guy I thought we had a really good rapport, and I told him, and after that my grades immediately went down."

  • There Is Powdered Alcohol Now, Let’s Do Stuff With It

    Palcohol is the powdered alcohol no one ever asked for but as it turns out we really needed it . . . to destroy lives.

  • Cosmic Candy: Cardinal Grand Cross Horoscopes, Standing At The Cross Roads

    This is the week my beauties, THIS IS THE WEEK.

  • 15 Quotes That Sum Up Every Thought You Have On Mondays

    Getting down to business or the usual grind on Monday gets harder and harder as temperatures rise.

  • The Absolute Best Muchies for 4/20 [CC Faves]

    It's 4/20, and we all know what that means. If you're indulging today, may your "holiday" be filled with movie marathons and delicious munchies.

  • Straight From the Stars’ Mouths: 8 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

    Whether you’re facing a litany of last-minute assignments and deadlines, still sending in those internship applications or job hunting like me, stay encouraged!

  • The Ghetto Snacks Hall Of Fame: 25 Treats From The Hood

    This homegirl is so down with Homegirl Potato Chips that I be trippin'.

  • The Art of Moving On [Twenty-Something Rules]

    I’d like to make a toast to my first apartment. To its cold hardwood floors and stupid, weak shower head. Little apartment, you taught me things.

  • What Would You Put In Your Grownup Easter Basket?

    What would you want in your grownup Easter basket besides the tears of one million stupid boys?

  • Student Snapchat Captions Hospital Dummies, Is Hilarious

    A student was filming a PSA and got to use training dummies, naturally wackiness ensued and he began Snapchatting photos of the human props.

  • 10 Study Hacks To Survive Finals Week Because Ugh

    Finals always feel like a cartoonish storm cloud lingering over your head, raining upon the parade you thought you had created during spring break.

  • Hey High School Seniors: Here’s How to Decide Which College Is Right For You!

    To be honest, my university was not at the top of my list until I visited the campus.

  • The One Thing No One Tells You About Internships

    It was uncomfortable and I really had to push through my insecurities and that looming title of indentured servitude, "intern."

  • 15 Totally Creative Easter Cupcakes You Wish You Could Grab Through Your Screen

    That is the point of this post that I wish I could click something on the computer screen and have it magically teleported straight into my mouth. What even is a 3D printer for?

  • Harvard Accepts Record Number Of Black Students

    The point is Black students are rejecting the limitations imposed on them because of race, class or media representations.

  • How to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do In Life

    The post-grad movie in your head probably holds the promise of fulfillment, self-betterment and the chance to live your best Pinterst life. But as a lot of graduates know, finding a job -- the right job -- is the first step on the path to GOOPy nirvana.

  • Science Says Your Brain Starts Rotting At Age 24

    I am 24 years old and I can attest that I have gotten so dumb.