• “Does He Really Want To Just Be Friends?” [Ask A Dude]

    One time he slept over after he got drunk at a party, but nothing happened except some cuddling and spooning, though he said that he'd loved to kiss me if he hadn't thrown up.

  • Why He Just Texts (And Doesn’t Actually Ask You Out. Loser.)

    Single girls, listen up and take heed – if you’re in a textlationship, that’s all that it’ll amount to. It’s going nowhere outside of your inbox.

  • In Defense of the Read Receipt [Diary of the Undateable]

    My feelings have been hurt many times by the good ol’ RR…including by my dad. My own FATHER, y’all.

  • I Don’t Like Porn. There, I Said It. [CC Faves]

    Now, look, every once in a while one comes across an image or something late night on HBO that she doesn’t mind staring at and using later, but actively seeking pictures or movies has never been something I’ve put my time into.

  • Should You STILL Wait For The Third Date To Have Sex?

    “You had sex with him on the first date? Oh, no! Now he’ll never think of you as girlfriend material.” “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” “You are the easiest sex, goodbye!”

  • “Is My Tinder Romance Over?” [Ask A Dude]

    I texted him that day that I had a perfect night (mistake #1) but didn't hear back from him. After a day, he texted me back that he found my panties in his room, but I figured he would only text me that if he wanted to see me again, right?!

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    Brace yourselves for some very real answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask.

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    Cuffing season has officially come to a close – and that it’s time to shed that romantic dead weight you’ve been holding on to since you downloaded Tinder around Thanksgiving.

  • 10 ***Flawless Celebrities Who Weren’t Immune to Cheating Assholes

    Men can be with a perfect 10 and still wonder if they could bag an 11.

  • My Boyfriend Loves Porn, But Can I Ask Him to Stop Watching It? [Ask a Slut]

    I really don’t like it when my boyfriend watches porn. I know a lot of guys watch it but I think it’s gross and degrading. He says I should be more open minded and even try to watch it myself.

  • Lesson #15: 23 Love Lessons I Had to Learn the Hard Way [Bold Girls' Bible]

    As you may or may not already know, today is my 23rd birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

  • The 12 Secrets of Happy Couples

    While there's no rulebook that tells you exactly how to achieve relationship nirvana, there are absolutely some guidelines and ground rules you should be following.

  • “Is He Too Young or Just An Ass?” [Ask A Dude]

    First of all I'd like to point out that I already know I'm in very dangerous territory, given this guy is two years younger than me, and I'm mainly writing in to confirm my worst suspicions but I am desperate for one final opinion...

  • How Understanding How He Thinks Will Up Your Chance of Seeing Him Again

    To some extent, we all go through this heightened sense of reality after a great date. And usually it's for no other reason than the fact it's fun to wonder "what if..." Unfortunately, letting your imagination wander too far can be detrimental to the here-and-now.

  • 10 Things He’s Probably Doing While You’re Waiting for a Text Response

    Two to three minute delays turn into twenty minutes. Twenty minutes turn into two hours. Two hours melt into 12. 12 turns into 24 and then bam, you think that you’re being ghosted.

  • The Bad Date That Won’t Die [Diary of the Undateable]

    My friend Lenia was in town for the weekend. We caught up over sushi and plum wine in Cobble Hill when she mentioned that one of her OkCupid matches wanted to meet up with her that night. As she showed me the text, I noticed his name before anything else – Mitt.

  • 11 Reasons To Never Eeeeeeever Sleep With Your Ex [Dude's List]

    Having sex with your ex is a risky endeavor no matter how you look at it. It seems like a good idea. W…

  • Why I Changed For A Guy And Don’t Regret It

    Despite having absolutely the worst relationship of my life with my ex, let's call him Ex, I regret none of the changes I made for him in those 2 years. He made me feel like a shitty person most of the time, but in the midst of all of that, there were nuggets of truth.

  • Why Do Cute Guys Disappear? [Ask A Dude]

    He said he was going away for the weekend to his family's place but looked forward to seeing me in our orientation seminar next week. He has yet to ask me for my number...

  • Why Last Night’s Random Hookup Was Good for Your Health

    Not that you needed validation anyway, girlfran. #do #you #boo

  • New Beginnings Don’t Always Guarantee New Outcomes [Diary of the Undateable]

    I deleted my OkCupid profile at the beginning of the year. I figured that I needed a fresh start. I had it for a good 24 months, met two douchebags and a handful of creeps who sent really uncomfortable messages. The page had bad vibes, man. So I started fresh and made a brand new one.

  • Who Gets to Keep You When Two of Your Friends Stop Dating Each Other?

    You’re now either going to get caught somewhere in the middle of them or else you’re going to pick a side. Or THEY are going to decide who should get to keep you as a contact on their iPhone.

  • 7 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My High School Self About Sex

    There are so many things I wish someone would have told me about sex in high school. Some things that sex education couldn't have taught me, like self-esteem and understanding guys, and some things that school really should have covered.

  • The 6 Most Annoying Friends You’ll Inherit When You Get a Boyfriend

    Many of his friends are going to be pretty normal and come with a pretty normal agenda, but every once in a while, you come across a friend who just rubs you the wrong way.