• “Does He Really Want To Just Be Friends?” [Ask A Dude]

    One time he slept over after he got drunk at a party, but nothing happened except some cuddling and spooning, though he said that he'd loved to kiss me if he hadn't thrown up.

  • Why He Just Texts (And Doesn’t Actually Ask You Out. Loser.)

    Single girls, listen up and take heed – if you’re in a textlationship, that’s all that it’ll amount to. It’s going nowhere outside of your inbox.

  • “Is My Tinder Romance Over?” [Ask A Dude]

    I texted him that day that I had a perfect night (mistake #1) but didn't hear back from him. After a day, he texted me back that he found my panties in his room, but I figured he would only text me that if he wanted to see me again, right?!

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    Two to three minute delays turn into twenty minutes. Twenty minutes turn into two hours. Two hours melt into 12. 12 turns into 24 and then bam, you think that you’re being ghosted.

  • Why Do Cute Guys Disappear? [Ask A Dude]

    He said he was going away for the weekend to his family's place but looked forward to seeing me in our orientation seminar next week. He has yet to ask me for my number...

  • Why Last Night’s Random Hookup Was Good for Your Health

    Not that you needed validation anyway, girlfran. #do #you #boo

  • The 6 Most Annoying Friends You’ll Inherit When You Get a Boyfriend

    Many of his friends are going to be pretty normal and come with a pretty normal agenda, but every once in a while, you come across a friend who just rubs you the wrong way.

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    I double-dog dare you to shoot the link to a douchebag that’s currently ignoring you. Because it's NOT like he’ll respond ANYWAY.

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    I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks now and things have been going really well. I really like him, but there is one big issue that I am not sure I can move past. He doesn’t believe in monogamy.

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    Instead of getting all Romeo and Juliet or Jim and Pam on each other, and praying that he does (or doesn’t) make a move, why not try to pick up on the signs first?

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    Turns out "just being friendly" can quickly escalate in a guy's mind to give the impression that you're actually a completely insane psycho stalker.

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    You want loyalty, honesty, commitment and faithfulness. You want to be respected. You want to be loved. You want your effort to be reciprocated.

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    Sex is a part of life. Some just wave their freak flag higher than others.

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    Let’s talk about sex. Ever the popular topic, after all. Specifically, lets talk about the importance of sex when it comes to dating, or rather, not having it.

  • Celebrate Steak and a BJ Day With These Invaluable Tips

    What is Steak and Blowjob Day? Well, it's a day that's celebrated every year on March 14 - exactly one month after Valentine's Day - as a celebration of men and the things they love (like steak and blow-jobs).

  • How Do I Get Him To Get Off the Couch? [Ask A Dude]

    I'm tired of being the only one to take care of things in the home and in life and I'm tired of being a nagging Nancy. I don't want to be a nag but I don't know how else to get through to him.

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    When it’s real, you’ll try your damndnest to keep it going. And we can't knock you wrongdoers for trying.

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    While I realize that we're all riding this digital wave of the future and nobody actually reads the paper anymore, it's still pretty awesome that Timeshia Brown dished out the $25 to post an ad in a Texas newspaper to get back at her husband. T

  • 52 Text Messages He ACTUALLY Wants to Receive

    Deep down, I'm sure most men are deeply sensitive souls who absolutely love romantic gestures and cute pet names. But a lot of the time, they're really not interested in you blowing up their phone with cutesy, over the top, lovey-dovey texts.

  • I Wasn’t His “Real” Girlfriend? [Ask A Dude]

    When I finally told him I was into him and wanted more he said he had a girlfriend and things were "real" with her. Things weren't that real with his girl when we were having crazy pool sex the weekend before so what gives?

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    Read on to get a behind-the-scenes, firsthand account of what it's like to be a topless...and bottomless...male waiter.

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    Then slowly but surely a past drug addiction of his crept into our life as he started to spiral out of control. Being the person I am, I stayed with him. It was hard, and I got my feelings hurt a lot.

  • This Is Why You’re Only Dating Sh*tty Guys

    If you’re an obsessive fan of Sex and the City, like me, you’ll probably remember the scene where Carrie goes off to therapy after her friends talk her into it. Remember when her therapist tells her maybe her choice in men is the biggest (excuse the pun) problem she faces when dating?