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Oct 28, 2015

Facebook Refuses To Take Down Photos Of A Deceased Girl With Her Murderer

"It makes me feel sick when I look at those photos."

Oct 26, 2015

Deputy Ben Fields: Everything We Know About The Officer Who Flipped A Girl Over In Her Desk

Ben Fields has come under fire due to a video that shows him throwing a high school girl to the ground.

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Oct 26, 2015

Red Meat Linked to Higher Risks Of Cancer

I have some bad news for lovers of bacon.

Oct 24, 2015

3 Dead After Car Hits Crowd at Oklahoma State Parade

Our thoughts and prayers are with Oklahoma State University.

Oct 14, 2015

T.I.: “I Can’t Vote For The Leader of The Free World To Be A Woman”

Without fail, every sexist statement begins with, "Not to be sexist, but..."

Oct 12, 2015

Families Release Terrifying Footage From Inside Fatal Car Crash As A Warning To Others

"If all this stops one person from making the same mistake, then some good has come from showing this video."

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Oct 9, 2015

Steven Jones, Delta Chi Shooter: Photos, Facts & Details

Steven Jones, 18 years old, has been identified as the Delta Chi shooter.

Sep 30, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Will Not Be Charged In Deadly Car Accident

"We believed from the star that a thorough and objective investigation would clear Caitlyn from any criminal wrongdoing."

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Sep 30, 2015

5-Year-Old Girl Was Kicked Out of School Because She Has Two Moms

The school claims that it has a non-discriminatory policy.

Sep 23, 2015

Lawyers In Maine Asked To Remove Bras Before Entering Jails

"Might I suggest you go to the bathroom and take that off?”

Sep 21, 2015

Teen Dies After Parents Claimed They Were Teaching A Lesson About Alcohol

He was found unconscious with a blood alcohol level over seven times the legal limit.

Sep 16, 2015

You Won’t Believe The Financial Cost Of Rape

It’s not solely a psychological toll that victims of rape take on.

Sep 16, 2015

An Artist Created A Painting of Donald Trump Using Her Own Menstrual Blood

“Trump thinks he can bring up the healthy functioning of women’s reproductive systems to insult women’s intelligence."

Sep 10, 2015

California To Lead The Nation With “Yes Means Yes” Consent Policy In High Schools

This bill seeks to incorporate sexual violence and harassment education into California high schools’ curriculum.

Sep 10, 2015

Women Are Calling Men Out For Sexist Messages On LinkedIn

Out of all the places on the Internet, seriously - you chose LinkedIn?

Sep 9, 2015

College Students Get Scary Ride When They’re Picked Up By Uber Driver Impersonator

Over the weekend, two college students were picked up by a man pretending to be their Uber driver.

Sep 8, 2015

The Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Is Finally Speaking Out

"Nobody in our hunting party knew before or after the name of this lion."

Aug 26, 2015

These Girls Are Protesting Their High School’s Ban On Wearing Yoga Pants

"We're not wearing them to get attention from people."

Aug 26, 2015

Vester Lee Flanagan ID’d As Virginia Shooter: Photos, Details

Vester Flanagan was a disgruntled employee of WDBJ.

Aug 21, 2015

Slender Man Stabbing: Teen Girls Plead Not Guilty

If the two girls are convicted as adults, they’ll face 65 years in prison.

Aug 10, 2015

Judge Allows Man To Choose Between Jail Or Marriage

This judge must have been feeling delusional...

Aug 10, 2015

Holding Hands Saved This Couple’s Lives

This could be the one and only time that PDA is acceptable.