• #EXPRESSYOSELF With These 7 Sassy Statement Sweatshirts

    Donning a statement sweatshirt is not only on-trend, it's also a great way to showcase your personality (especially if it can be described as 'sassy,' 'snarky' or 'witty' - in which case, let's be friends!).

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    I say if there's ever a time to rock your natural beauty, this is it. At the same time, I also think of vacay as the best time to try a beauty trend you've been eyeing but are too chicken to try out normally. So what does the ideal vacation look like?

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    A good handbag isn't just a style statement, it's also a bit of a lifesaver, a trusted companion, a thing that has the power to make your life easier. Figuring out the perfect price point of a bag isn't easy, though.

  • The 5 Beauty Rituals You Need To Get On ASAP

    I also know that some of you out there have never picked up an eye cream - or have one that you never use - because your 20-year-old skin is still smooth as a baby's bottom. And I won't even guess who many of you only wear sunscreen at the beach.

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  • How To Pick Your Holy Grail Lip Color By Skin Tone

    I used to go into Sephora and stare at the lipsticks, all the reds look the same, all the berries look the same—how the hell do I know which one is the right one for me?

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    Girl, that ain't your real face

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    Trends are polarizing. Some are awful, some are wonderful, some seem wonderful but turn out to be awful. But there's one trend that I feel okay about playing into: The two-piece coordinated outfit thing that's so big right now.

  • All Hail Lauren Conrad, The Queen of Hair

    Remember when some reporter asked Kristin Cavallari to say something nice about her Laguna Beach nemesis, Lauren Conrad? K Cav did a solid job, citing Conrad's extreme success, her beauty and her fun personality. But she forgot to mention one thing: Lauren Conrad's completely amazing hair.

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  • The 5 Best Dressed TV Characters of All Time

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  • How to Dress Up Your Casual Fashion Staples

    I’ve found that adding flair to a casual piece is all about proportion – so if I’m wearing something oversized on top, I’m going with the skinny jeans on the bottom.

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