• These Multi-Purpose Beauty Products Will Save You Time in the Morning

    When all you can think about is rushing to work or class, it's easy for your beauty routine to fall by the wayside. But putting on your face doesn't have to be this momentous occasion every day.

  • Cancel Your Wax Appointment: Pubes Are Making a Comeback

    Just when you thought you found the perfect Brazilian wax esthetician or a razor/soap combo that leaves your lady bits free of bumps, the trade winds are shifting in the realm of bikini area maintenance. That's right -- pubes are back.

  • The Cutest Snow Boots to Shake Those Winter Blues

    Here in NYC, we got a pretty brutal snowstorm last week, and we know many of you have experienced s…

  • Relax & Recharge with an At-Home Pedicure

    Even if you're just flaunting those polished toes around your dorm or apartment, we know it makes us feel good when our feet look pretty. Not to mention, giving yourself a pedicure at home is a great way to relax and recharge after a stressful day at work or school without spending a lot of money.

  • The Perfect Brows for Every Face Shape

    Just like cutting your bangs correctly for your face shape can work wonders, grooming the perfect eyebrows will make you look just as fly. Get those tweezers ready or make a waxing appointment because you'll want to jump on these tips immediately.

  • Bloomingdale’s Fuses Fashion & Football with 48 Designer Helmets to Celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII

    The Super Bowl is coming to New York next month, and it's the perfect opportunity for fashion and football to collide.

  • Slipping Into Clarins’ Extra Comfort Foundation [In Our Makeup Bag]

    I'm not a huge foundation lover, but recently, I've seen its merits. The cold snap my neck of the woods is currently experiencing has wreaked havoc on my skin, and I've needed some extra coverage.

  • 3 Ways to Freshen Your Hairstyle for the New Year

    The new year is finally here, and we are definitely ready for a fresh start in 2014. Along with some of our other resolutions, we want to be a little more daring with our beauty routines without spending a ton of money. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is to change your hair.

  • Marlies Dekkers Lingerie is Meant to be Seen

    Marlies Dekkers sees the female body as her canvas, and the way she plays with lines accentuates a woman's curves in the best of ways. As she celebrates 20 years of lingerie revolution, we are absolutely drooling over her collections, old and new.

  • Welcoming Winter with Rosy Cheeks [Beauty Brunch]

    Warm sweaters, fur coats and fly boots get us through as do silvery nails, blood red lips and rosy cheeks. If the chilly winter wind isn't giving your face that coveted flush, grab your favorite blush and dust those cheeks.

  • Miley Cyrus in White Fur [Get The Look]

    Donning a flashy, midriff-bearing gold sequined crop top and pants, diamond necklace and festive red lip, we would expect nothing less blingy from the celebrity. But what we're really drooling over is her white fur coat from The Blonds.

  • 5 Sweaters to Beat the Winter Chill

    Although it looks pretty from the inside looking out, the last thing we want to do is go outside and freeze our tushes off. But the show must go on, so we're throwing on the warmest possible sweaters we can get our hands on to brave the brutally low temperatures.

  • How to Be a Bombshell

    As the elegance of Hollywood quickly fades, we tend to forget what a true glamour queen actually looks like. Not ones to be absentminded about the belles of yore, here's our guide on how to be a bombshell.

  • Tips for Keeping Your Accessories Tidy & Organized

    Jewelry becomes tangled, scarves get buried and shoes lose mates under the couch and bed. But taking the time to categorize and store your accessories in an orderly manner can work wonders for your space and sanity.

  • How to Create a Relaxing Spa Environment at Home

    We'll show you how to turn your pad into a tranquil haven you'll never want to leave.

  • Organize Your Closet With These 5 Expert Tips

    Yesterday, we gave you 5 closet purging tips to help even the greatest of hoarders get rid of the old to make way for the new. Now that it holds only what you love, it's time to get organized. After reviewing these 5 expert tips, you'll never lose a garment in the depths of your closet again.

  • The Flyest New Year’s Eve Nails to Ring in 2014

    We have our outfits planned and chose some gorgeous glittering accessories to illuminate the dance floor, but no look is ever complete without a bling bling manicure to match. So head to the nail salon or grab your favorite lacquer at home, and check out the fly nails in the gallery below to get inspired.

  • Celebrity Mascara Secrets for Picture-Perfect Peepers

    Ladies who've received the advice of countless makeup artists about DIY beauty must have secrets to share with us, right? We found some excellent celebrity pointers on how to turn up the volume of your eyelashes in no time.

  • Find Your Perfect Shade with Make Up For Ever’s Lip Set [In Our Makeup Bag]

    MUFE does professional-style makeup for the masses the best. Their products are among the most long-wearing out there and that goes for their Aqua Lip (lipliner) and Aqua Rouge (dual-ended lip color).

  • 5 Closet Purging Tips to Lighten Your Load for the New Year

    As a first class hoarder collector myself, I can tell you first-hand it's troublesome to part with clothing you once loved, but the time is now. Here are five closet clean-out tips to get your started.

  • 5 DIY Ways to Enhance Dollar Store Gloves and Mittens

    It's cold. We want to be warm. We want to look stylish. We also want to save money. What to do? Simple -- just transform dollar store gloves and mittens from budget to baller with a few easy embellishments.

  • We’re Bonkers for Blunt Bangs [Beauty Brunch]

    Twiggy knew what was up. And now many Hollywood starlets and performers have jumped on the blunt bang bandwagon, and we truly can't get enough. Not only do bangs frame your face and add some drama to your look, they will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Jennifer Lopez’s Festive Metallic Skirt [Get The Look]

    We are obsessing over Jen's Kate Spade New York 'Aimee' Metallic Textured Pleat Skirt because it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Unfortunately, it also costs more than $300. But because we're savvy shoppers, we found a similar style for a fraction of the price.

  • Gap And Zara Ban Angora Fur To Save The Cutest Bunnies


  • 5 Effective Ways To Manage Your Wardrobe

    With the influx of cash you likely received over the holidays or the nagging urge to reinvent yourself for the New Year, scrapping all of your clothes and starting over may seem like the best idea -- if only it were that easy. Tossing every item you aren't in love with anymore just isn't realistic.