• Meet The Punk Knot, The New Hair Trend Hollywood Is Buzzing About

    If the unofficial Kween of the topknot is declaring that she's over the style, you know it's true: The neat high buns of yesteryear are, like, so 2013. These days it's all about a messier take on the 'do.

  • Lesson #15: 23 Love Lessons I Had to Learn the Hard Way [Bold Girls' Bible]

    As you may or may not already know, today is my 23rd birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

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    Coachella is a chance for us to embrace our inner boho-hipster-pixies, to wear a flower crown sans judgement and break out those frayed short shorts we wore back in junior high.

  • 7 Super Easy Mason Jar Recipes You Can Take With You

    Mason jars are the lord's way of saying cooking and portability should also be super cute.

  • Amanda Bynes Was Never Schizophrenic, She Just Smoked A Ton Of Weed?

    "Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever. She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar." Lynn adds that Amanda is "very sorry for all the hurtful tweets, statements and actions that occurred while she was under the influence of marijuana."

  • Study Says Women Want To Be Skinny, Men Want Women To Be Curvy

    Women preferred skinny, boyish figures "like Emma Watson" while men preferred women to have curvy figures like that of Kim Kardashian.

  • The 12 Secrets of Happy Couples

    While there's no rulebook that tells you exactly how to achieve relationship nirvana, there are absolutely some guidelines and ground rules you should be following.

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  • The Definitive Guide To Coachella’s Best Hairstyles, As Told By Vanessa Hudgens

    This is, after all, informally known as the California Flower Crown Convention.

  • 15 Terrifying Things Pinterest Wants You To Do To Your Hotdogs

    I do not want my food to have an "expression" especially one that implies it is terrified because I just murdered it and its entire family.

  • 9 Must-Have Health and Fitness Apps For Girls on the Go

    I'm trying to fill this little piece of plastic that rules my life, not always in the best way, with a lot of healthy resources that get me off my ass.

  • 5 Easy Fashion Swaps That’ll Make You Look More Stylish

    Have you ever noticed how the difference between a decent outfit and a fabulous one comes down to the details? Or how an otherwise acceptable look can be thrown off balance by one piece that doesn't work?

  • Here’s Why Millennials Should Be Watching Broad City

    Ilana says to Abbi, "I must be craving pink dick," when she has only been hitting up White guys on Facebook.

  • Photos From Japan’s Annual Penis Festival Will Make You Laugh-Cry

    This is like every bachelorette party I've ever been to.

  • Fitness and Sickness: Working Out While You’re Under the Weather [CC's ShapeU]

    I'm talking to you, fitness fanatics, who would rather run with an oxygen mask than skip a workout in the name of a lousy cold!

  • Beyoncé Wants Us All To Be Sexy Feminist CEOs

    "The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims. Women are so much more than that. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist—whatever you want to be—and still be a sexual being."

  • Are You An Aries? Here’s Your Astrological Love Compatibility Guide

    Even if you don't buy into the hype behind astrology (for shame!), it's still fun to see how you and your current and previous partners stack up.

  • 8 Teen Movie Stars We Thought Would Be Huge But Weren’t

    We were pretty sure these teen stars who were everywhere would be massive stars today but they're not . . . and it's kind of a bummer.

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    Boyfriend jeans are definitely the denim to wear when you want to cop that "I'm so casual and low-maintainence look" that celebs like Mila Kunis and Katie Holmes have perfected.

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    As with anything, there are tips and tricks that will make the transition from high school to university life as seamless as possible.

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    Tons of celebrities are rocking shades of hot pink, orange, even purple and I say you should all take a cue from them because YOLO. If there's ever a time to wear some neon makeup, it's when you're young and have a packed social calendar.

  • UConn Students Destroy Their Own Campus After Winning NCAA Finals

    After UConn beat Kentucky  60-54 in the NCAA final both schools began to riot. Furious Kentuck…

  • The 10 ’90s Stickers From Your Childhood That Made You One Of The Cool Kids

    I am glad that there was a time in my life when something as pointless and silly as a pen or sticker could make my day. Ah, to be young again.

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    My skin has been having a winter meltdown this year, so I need all the hydrating help I can get!

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    That voice, those eyes. Might as well be lookin at an angel.