• Cosmic Candy: March 31st – April 6th

    We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

  • Professor Teaches Wrong Class All Semester, Students Fail

    Professor Nguyen was like, "JK, bbs, I was fuxing with you this whole time!"

  • 8 Adorable and Affordable Rainy Day Essentials

    If you dress better, especially on occasions when the weather may make your mood worse, you’ll feel better too.

  • CC Book Club: Let’s Talk About “One Day” by David Nicholls

    Today we're discussing "One Day" by David Nicholls. Join us in April as we read "Pivot Point" by Kacie West!

  • 7 Companies With Some Pretty Cool Perks

    If you could pick any company in the world to work at, which one would it be?

  • Get Your Game Face On: Are You Ready For Vacation?

    I say if there's ever a time to rock your natural beauty, this is it. At the same time, I also think of vacay as the best time to try a beauty trend you've been eyeing but are too chicken to try out normally. So what does the ideal vacation look like?

  • 6 Remedies to Make Your Period Less Miserable

    As we speak, Aunt Flow is performing a Vine-worthy Nae Nae all up on my uterus.

  • 7 Ways to Deal With Being the Broke Kid at a Rich School

    In an era of finessing and Instagram flexing, it isn’t easy to come out and say that you're having trouble making ends meet.

  • Why Last Night’s Random Hookup Was Good for Your Health

    Not that you needed validation anyway, girlfran. #do #you #boo

  • Splurge or Save: Find Out Which Handbags Are Worth the Investment

    A good handbag isn't just a style statement, it's also a bit of a lifesaver, a trusted companion, a thing that has the power to make your life easier. Figuring out the perfect price point of a bag isn't easy, though.

  • You Can Take A Miley Sociology Course

    Totally worth your hundred thousand dollar education.

  • The 5 Beauty Rituals You Need To Get On ASAP

    I also know that some of you out there have never picked up an eye cream - or have one that you never use - because your 20-year-old skin is still smooth as a baby's bottom. And I won't even guess who many of you only wear sunscreen at the beach.

  • The 15 #Hashtags You’ll Use This Weekend


  • New Beginnings Don’t Always Guarantee New Outcomes [Diary of the Undateable]

    I deleted my OkCupid profile at the beginning of the year. I figured that I needed a fresh start. I had it for a good 24 months, met two douchebags and a handful of creeps who sent really uncomfortable messages. The page had bad vibes, man. So I started fresh and made a brand new one.

  • The Best Spinach Artichoke Dip You’ll Ever Make [CC Faves]

    Behold one of our favorite DIY recipes of all time -- creamy, rich spinach artichoke dip. You'll be taking seconds...and thirds...and fourths...

  • Get Down With Your Bad Self [Twenty-Something Rules]

    You need to get down with your bad self every once in a while. It will make you feel free. Just stay away from drugs and pay your bills.

  • Someone Hacked Pinterest And Replaced The Pretty Things With Butts

    Where did all my Mason Jars go? OOOOOOOH. MY. GOD.

  • 5 Things Fashion Bloggers Inexplicably Love

    I'll never understand certain things the blogger set seems to love.

  • Psycho Barbie Scenes Because You Knew That B Was Cray

    From archaeologist to President to McDonald's employee to American Psycho.

  • 148-Word Rosa Parks Essay Gets An A- So UNC Athlete Won’t Fail

    "On the evening of December Rosa Parks decided that she was going to sit in the white people section on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama.:

  • Lorde’s Boyfriend, James K. Lowe, Writes Her the Best Love Letter Ever

    It's an endearingly meandering rumination on fame, long distance dating and, ultimately, his deep respect for Lorde AKA Ella Yelich O’Connor.

  • 9 Celebrities’ Secrets We’ll Never Have Answers To

    A lot of celebrities won't tell us who their baby daddies is.

  • 5 Versatile Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt This Spring

    When it comes to skirts, there are the minis you wear out at night and the floor-sweeping maxis you wear on summer days...but there's a new skirt in town and she's kind of a peach.