• The Post-Grad Journey: Bring on 2011!

    In recent conversations with new post-grads, I commonly hear the same defeated yet wishful comment: "I'm so ready for the new year." And you know what? I couldn't agree more.

  • The 10 Luckiest Stars of 2010 [GALLERY]

    2010 was a big year in entertainment. This was the year that people not only realized how ridiculous Speidi is, but also realized that Kate Gosselin might be the devil in disguise. But there were a few people who really made the most of 2010, and as we say goodbye to this year, we think it's important that we recognize them.

  • Technically, 2010: A Look Back at All The New Toys This Year Brought Us

    Another year has almost come to an end...and what a year it’s been! But instead of recapping the last twelve months by clicking through tagged photos on Facebook or scrolling through oodles of Twitter updates, let us look back at the technology that make it all possible.

  • Candy Dish: I Heart Paul Rudd

    • My crush on Paul Rudd just got a lot biggerStop trying to make this non-couple happen • Top 100 videos of 2010 mash-up • All time most embarrassing celebrity parents • 3 ways to wear holiday wear • Ew, here are the creepiest Santas ever • How to do the smokey eye look

  • 10 Things We Want to Leave in 2010 [GALLERY]

    It’s wonderful to learn from your mistakes of the past year, I really believe that. Not wearing white undies under black leggings, always putting those comfy inserts into your super-high heels, throwing an extra tampon in your handbag. They’re valuable lessons that should be embraced and carried into the New Year.

  • Candy Dish: Not Even WebMD Can Help

    • Most shocking health stories of 2010 • Harry Potter cast learns to speak American10 ways technology have ruined men • If this isn't a prank, it's the worst thing everNerds are all the rage • Guess who is having a boy! • Jake G is topless. Say no more.

  • 2010′s Most Overdone Halloween Costumes Contest

    Halloween 2010 is finally here and we're looking forward to celebrating the only national college holiday that ends with me getting stabbed in the eye by an oversized fairy wing. While we're excited to see all the awesome creative costumes, we're also dreading seeing all the cliche and uninspired pop culture costumes.

  • The Post-Grad Journey: I’m Officially a Post-Grad

    I did it! I graduated. Although the moment of hearing my name, walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, and turning my tassel went by incredibly fast, the road to Commencement has been an unforgettable eye-opening four-year journey.

  • The Weekly Ten: Best Super Bowl Commercials

    So, who else has a mean hot wing hangover this morning? Seriously, my heartburn is out of control and I didn't even pound Budweisers last night. In fact, I was so busy licking BBQ sauce off my finders, I couldn't tell you who threw (kicked? passed?) the winning touchdown. I can, however, tell you the best recipe for some wings. And the best/funniest/awesomest commercials from the Super Bowl.

  • 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Olympic Short Track Speed Skater, J.R. Celski

    Half Filipino. Half Polish. One hundred percent heartthrob. Let’s talk J.R. Celski. He’s single, he’s 19-years old, and he’s an amazing short track speed skating sensation competing for Team USA in the Vancouver Olympics. And he's officially your reason to tune in!

  • Weekly Wrap Up: 2010 Makes Me Tired

    Whew. We have all officially survived the first week of 2010. And if the rest of the year is going to be anything like the past 8 days, I think I'm in for some serious trouble. After a whirlwind New Year's weekend chock full of drinking, celebrating, and more drinking, it took me until yesterday (true story) to get back to normal. I was so tired and out of it all week that I already blew through my Caribou Coffee gift card that I got for Hanukkah.

  • The Weekly Ten: My New Year’s Resolution List

    This week, after a particularly grueling New Year's Eve spent with 25 people in one tiny house with one tiny bathroom in New England, I had time (a lot) to reflect on my resolutions on the train ride back to NYC. I pondered 2010 and my resolutions between pages of Jen Lancaster's memoirs and occasionally badgering the BF to go fetch me red wine from the bar car on the Amtrak.

  • Green-Out Your NYE Bash

    As 2009 winds down and 2010 looms ahead, we all begin thinking about the important things in life. I think most of us can agree that at the top of our list would be one of the most important things of all – throwing an epic NYE bash!

  • Your “Ta Ta, 2009″ To-Do List

    Ah, the new year is upon us, ladies. I absolutely LOVE this time of year, when everything feels so fresh and full of promise (or is that just the fact that I finally have my mom to clean my dirty laundry?). But, as tempting as it is to delete the old year like last week's Nip/Tuck season finale, there are still some (very valuable) days left in 2009.

  • The CC Weekly Weigh In: See Ya Never, 2009!

    To say I live a blessed life is a gross understatement. I live a great effing life, and 2009 was no exception. I had a fantastic year full of old friends and new, family, road trips, good...bedmates, and some really exceptional sale purchases. Yeah, 2009 was one of my best years yet (well, out of college, so I'm not quite sure what that's worth) and I'm sorta sad to see it go.

  • Resolutions For The Rest of Us

    Tis the season for reflection, and I am reflecting on my past year and groaning. There were highs, and there were lows, and there were things that should never happen again for the sake of my dignity and overall well-being. The 2009 version of me was a lesser version of the forthcoming 2010 edition; I just know it. 2010 will be the year of Brittany, 2.0!

  • Looking Back at the Best of 2000

    Within a couple of weeks it will be out with this decade and in with the next. Can you freakin' believe the 2000's are almost over?! It seems like only yesterday we were strutting our bad-ass-bell-bottom-wearing-selves through the halls of our middle schools, blasting Britney Spears and stocking our Y2K bunkers with cans of beans.

  • Isn’t It A Little Early To Be Planning for New Year’s Eve?

    I opened my computer to find an email from my friend trying to figure out our plans for New Years Eve. Which is nearly 7 weeks away. SEVEN! New Years?! You mean the celebration that is on December 31st?! Is she for real?

  • A Cautionary Tale from a College Disaster: How It All Began…

    As the congratulation confetti poured out of my acceptance letter (yes! I actually received co…