• Ask A Dude: A Look Back At 2011′s Most Memorable Questions

    It’s that time of the year where we all reflect on what we did and did not do, get wasted on eggnog, and then design a new set of principles to follow that will guarantee an improved New Year. However, right now, we’re still in that first part where we’re looking back. With a feeling of fondness and “awwww” I share with all of you, dear readers, my most special 10 Ask A Dude columns of 2011.

  • 66 Men Who Wowed in 2011

    From politicians to musicians, athletes to actors, this has been a big year for men in the spotlight. Jaw-dropping new records were broken as these men in particular upped the ante by becoming hotter, crazier and more scandalous than we ever thought possible. Jog your memory and see if you can recall the highly talked-about events these fellas part of.

  • 2011: The Year in Google Searches [Video]

    What better way to look back and say 'see ya lata' to 2011 than through our millions of Google searches? The mega-site has compiled a Google review of the past year through the many, many millions of searches we used to follow the news.

  • The 11 Days that Shaped 2011

    AOL is taking the "best of" approach in 2011 to a whole new level this year. While the rest of the Internet (including ourselves) is focusing on "newsworthy" events like Kim Kardashian's 72 day fake marriage to Kris Dumpfries and the perfect storm that was Rebecca Black, AOL has honed in on celebrating and remembering the loudest 11 days that took place in 2011.

  • Coming Soon: 2011 Films Every College Girl Should See

    Whether you’re looking to avoid an assignment or a spate of bad weather, the movie theater is the perfect getaway. 2011 has a selection of films to suit every taste—and with the recession still bedeviling the box office, plenty of theaters are offering discounted tickets to students these days. I’ve combed through the archives of IMDB and Apple Trailers to bring you my picks for the year. How can you resist?

  • A Lazy Resolution That Will Change Your Love Life

    Ah resolutions… Once the hangover is done by the 2nd and you are seriously bored at home, nothing seems more perfect than to sit down, contemplate your life and make some resolutions for 2011. With passion in heart and pen in hand we write down our best intentions for the New Year promising ourselves that “Things Will Be Different!" The problem is that most of the time by January 5th that new fitness program, study routine or other resolution has already been kicked to the curb.

  • Counting Down to NYE: Your December 31st Schedule

    New Year’s Eve is, without question, the most stress-inducing holiday of the year. Think about it. Figuring out what to wear, what to do, where to go, who to kiss…so much pressure!! Fortunately (or unfortunately), not much changes from year to year. Sure, you’re not having sleepovers with your BFFs and watching *NSYNC ring in January 1st on TRL like you did at thirteen, but the anticipation for midnight’s still there along with the college equivalent of all the same worries.

  • The Post-Grad Journey: Bring on 2011!

    In recent conversations with new post-grads, I commonly hear the same defeated yet wishful comment: "I'm so ready for the new year." And you know what? I couldn't agree more.

  • Resolutions for the Annoying People in Your Life

    It’s almost the big 20-11 and that means it’s time to make your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Or more importantly make resolutions for all the absolutely annoying people around you -- or should we say, resolutions to help you deal with them better. You know, so you don't strangle anyone this year.

  • Oprah Going Off The Air…Or Onto Her Own Network?

    Everyone’s favorite lifestyle maven, bookworm, philanthropist, and inspiration, Op…