• Today The Users of Twitter #Remember911 [Tuesday Twitter Trend]

    11 years ago today the greatest tragedy struck our nation. We lost 3,000 lives in terrorist attacks against the United States. Today, we will all take some time out of our day to honor the lives lost and the soldiers that continue to fight for our freedom.

  • Current Events Cheat Sheet: If You Thought Your Summer Vacay Was Crazy…

    I think that most college women want to be informed on current events and the news but they feel like they can’t. Log onto CNN.com or The New York Times website and there is so much information- what is the most important? The most current? What actually matters? What is relevant to me?

  • Where were you on 9/11?

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we wanted to honor the tragedy by reflecting on our personal experiences about where we were and what we felt when we first heard about the attack. Several of our writers contributed their stories and we welcome you to share yours in the comments below.

  • Saturday Read: Love is the Higher Law, by David Levithan

    I feel like I've been reading really long, heavy books lately and I was ready for a change. It's not that they're not good (on the contrary, they've been great!), it's just that they really weigh down my beach bag and I needed a book that didn't leave deep, red grooves in my shoulder. I searched my local library high and low for a short, YA read. And I found a fantastic one!

  • Candy Dish: Megan Fox Does Stuff

    • Ok, we get it. Megan Fox is hot. • Is that Kim Kardashian?! • Is there such a thing as the middle-school 15? • 50 Cent's got some beef with Lil Wayne. • Look who's official. My, my, my. What a surprise. • Pretty sure there are more appropriate ways to honor 9/11

  • Candy Dish: Eight Years After 9/11

    • New York rememebers. • Don't worry, this happy couple is still ON. • Taylor Swift: now that's a role model. • Kick start your study habits. • Lady Gaga. Pantless. Again. • Narciso Rodriguez for eBay?

  • Candy Dish: Who Wants To See Kate Gosselin Naked??

    • Wanna see Kate Gosselin naked? • John Mayer and Kristin Cavillari are dating?! • Cute boots. Cheap price. Yay Target! • Who's excited for SATC 2? • Emma Watson starts at Brown. Stalkers abound. • Who needs 911 when you have Facebook?

  • Bye Bye Bush

    As inauguration day approaches, President Bush is preparing to leave the White House, his home…

  • My Cell Phone Saved My Life

    Women hear about bad things that happen to other women all of the time. But I, like many others, fo…

  • “I Think We’re Dead”: Cop Tells 911 Operator He OD’d on Weed

    Once, when I in 6th grade and still innocent, I tried a piece of a pot brownie that a friend had stol…

  • Guantanamo, Water-boarding, Secret Prisons…Who Are You and What Have You Done to My America?

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it really seems like a day doesn’t go by without seeing some story…

  • Candy Dish: Take a Ride in a Giant Vadge?

    This lady invites you to ride around in her bike-vulva Ever wanted to know the entire history of B…

  • What Happened To Those Pesky Terror Alerts?

    I remember being accompanied on the subways of New York City by armed soldiers, dressed in camo.…