• Tuffy Luv Says Make New Friends

    Tuffy Luv Says Make New Friends

    Probably you started college and made friends right away with the most convenient people. Which is totally the right and easiest thing to do. The problem is, sometimes the most convenient people don't end up being the people we like best. So, Miserable in College, if that's the case, I suggest you continue to be polite to these shoops and begin to distance yourself.

  • Tuffy Luv Hates Jerks

    Tuffy Luv Hates Jerks

    I'm going back to college in the fall and I wanted to re-invent myself, still stay the same but have a total new outlook on life and a new attitude. Back as a freshman guys would make fun of me and torture me, and it was horrible. I wanted to go back in the fall as a new person, and have those guys who made fun of me not know what hit them.