• A Guy Says Looks Do Matter

    Remember when you got rejected by some snot-nosed brat named Brad because you had a pimple on your forehead and your mom told you he was an idiot and looks don’t matter. She was lying, partly. Looks matter, whether we like it or not.

  • Sex in the News: Women Love the Uncertainty

    According to a new study titled, "He Loves me, He Loves Me Not... Uncertainty Can Increase Romantic Attraction," women are more attracted to men when they can't tell how much the men like them.

  • Is Chemistry Your Worst Subject?

    His name was Tyler. He was the roommate of one of my good college friends and from the moment I met him I was smitten. The witty banter was perfect and it took about 10 hours (and a few drinks) before we were hooking up. After that near perfect weekend we walked to my car, kissed like we invented it and he said he was crazy about me.

  • Beer Goggles Explained

    You slowly open your eyes. It feels like your mouth is filled with cotton balls, you start frantically grabbing for water. But - ouch - there is a bruise on your left arm the size of K-Fed's gut. You're still wearing the clothes from last night and suddenly images of a boy pop into your hazy mind. You feel the warmth of a body beside you in your bed. Then you remember.

  • Where Are The Good Guys?

    I can't count how many times I have (mistakenly) given out my number to someone who quickly turned out to be oh-so-wrong. Picture texts of men posing with their shirts off, suggestive texts begging me to send them pictures of myself, guys with girlfriends - I've seen it all.

  • Why Men Are Bumbling Idiots

    I find Jude Law to be mind-numbingly attractive. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were ever to happen across him, I would be reduced to simple sentences and one-syllable words. But according to a new study, it's Jude who has to worry about the mind-numbing affect when interacting with members of the opposite sex.

  • Dating In The Dark Makes Us All Look Shallow

    So ABC’s new show, “Dating in the Dark,” is weird. Like, really weird. Three girls and three guys meet in the pitch dark, often make out, and then get to see one another. They then have to decide if they want to go on actual dates with the people they have just seen

  • He Said/She Said: Going for Gold (And Dolla Dolla Bills)

    Life would be a whole lot easier if money weren't an issue, right? You wouldn't have to worry about those pesky bills, you could travel the world in style, enjoy daily shopping trips at your favorite boutiques... Whoa. Sorry - zoned out there for a minute. Anywho, even if people don't want to admit it, marrying someone with money would be pretty fan-effing-tastic, no?

  • 6 Tips for Picking Up Dudes

    I picked my last boyfriend up at the grocery store. Bing, bang, boom—some eggs, some bread, and a new dude. Sure, there was some out-of-store courting involved, but who would have thought you could actually meet nice guys at the grocery store? Or that guys even went to the grocery store? Not me...

  • He Said/She Said: Pretty People Get a Free Pass

    I'm going to make a bold statement here: pretty people have it pretty easy in life. Well, at least when it comes to dealings with the opposite sex. I watch guys trip over themselves to get near a hot girl with big boobs, yet I find myself breaking a sweat trying to prove to the same guys that I'm worth a moment of their time.

  • I Want You to Want Me

    Last week Oprah had an episode discussing sex, sexual attraction and the things women want when it comes to doin' the dirty. The episode as a whole was fascinating - did you know there is an equation for figuring out how hot someone is?? - but one point that really stuck out to me was the discussion of sexual desire.

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  • Do You Wanna Date Your Daddy?

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