• Cute Animals That Are Actually Terrifying

    I don't know about you guys, but I can't help myself when a cute animal is around. All I want to do is snuggle and cuddle it! Thanks to this video, I'll never make that mistake again!

  • These Baby Animal GIFs Will Make Your Heart Smile

    These last few days have been rough for our country. With so many unfortunate events, I've found myself in a funk. The weather sucks and the news isn't getting any better. Although there is nothing anyone can do to lessen the pain many around us are feeling, it never hurts to indulge in the "little things in life."

  • Can You Stand Cute Roulette? [Sundays Are for Procrastination]

    This website randomly generates videos of adorable animals doing ridiculously cute things.

  • Animals Busting Out Some PDA [PHOTOS]

    PDA or public displays of affection, when humans do it excessively and in inappropriate places (subway, class, movie theaters, church, etc.), we all gag and want to shoot said humans. We're all, "Get a room!" as we take our bitter self to the nearest candy store.

  • These Baby Animals Are Ready for Easter! [Photos]

    I wish I were still a small child, so that on Easter morning I could wake up to a basket full of candy. Alas, now I'm an adult, and I have to buy my own Easter candy. But that's ok, because I can still enjoy the adorable animals that have somehow become the mascots of the holiday. To help you get ready for Easter this weekend, here are some adorable pictures of baby animals.

  • Awww Baby Animal Overload [Photos]

    These cold winter months can freeze your heart over, turning you into an uncaring, gloomy person who skulks the house around watching re-runs and eating stale Pringles. Let's avoid becoming this person, shall we? If there's one thing to melt the icicles from your soul, it's baby animals. Fluffy, cuddly, happy baby animals.

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    • Big changes coming for credit cards! • What did Tiger really say today? • Hilary Duff's gettin' married! • Wanna be a better lover? • Baby animal photos make Friday even better! • Mitt Romney vs. LMFAO?!

  • Candy Dish: Earthquake Hits Alaska

    • Don't worry; all 5 people living there are OK. • The new Alice in Wonderland looks freaky! • There are baby animals that aren't cute. • The perfect swimsuit fit...for your personality. • Fashion tips from the latest red carpet walks.Chris Brown gets probation!?

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