• Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant With Kanye’s Spawn

    And just when we thought we survived the apocalypse, there's this. Kanye West announced Sunday at his concert in Atlantic City that Kim Kardashian was in fact his "baby mom." Pause, shudder, keep reading.

  • Channing Tatum Knocked Up Jenna Dewan

    Channing Tatum is super gorgeous. His wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum is also SUPER GORGEOUS. So obviously their baby is going to be the cutest thing in the world.

  • Names I Hope Kate Middleton Doesn’t Give Her Baby…

    So as much as I am obsessed with the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby, I am just as eager to find out the baby names the royal couple has in mind for their bundle of joy.

  • Kate Middleton is Knocked Up and You’re Wrong If You’re Not Excited

    I know some of you are trying to play it cool over this news. You're all like, "The Royal Wedding was dumb enough, now we have to suffer through some royal baby nonsense? [Dramatic sigh]." In response, I want to know WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

  • Reese Witherspoon Welcomes Baby Boy!

    Reese Witherspoon just gave birth to a baby boy! She's adding to her family with her husband of a year, Jim Toth, and two kids, Ava and Deacon, from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe.

  • Kourtney Kardashian is Having a….

    Kourtney Kardashian has just revealed the sex of her second child with Scott Disick. Yay! Because no week would be complete without some kind of Kardashian announcement. So, is Mason going to a have a little brother or a sister? Well, allow us to present you with the pros and cons of both options before revealing the answer!

  • Ridiculously Expensive Items For Baby Bey-Z

    Beyonce and Jay-Z's little nugget is going to be super spoiled, and we're admittedly a bit jealous. Not only is this baby going to be extremely beautiful and talented, but it's going to have everything. From really high tech toys to plush bedding, baby Bey-Z already has us envious.

  • Jessica Simpson Sells Pregnancy Announcement for $500,000

    Are you between film projects? Still recovering from your last tour? Does your new NBC reality competition Fashion Star have yet to set a premiere date? If so, here’s how to make a quick buck as a celebrity: Get pregnant. Hide your pregnancy. And sell the announcement for half a million dollars.

  • The 11 Things You Do In Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40

    Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy home…who stole our iPod in the morning. That’s part of college life... and a big part of what makes it so memorable. But there are some choices that have longer lasting repercussions; things we do now that will haunt us later.

  • Bibs, Binkies and Other Things We Wish They Made in Our Size

    The other day I was taking a little stroll through the city and I passed by the window of a baby store. I had to stop because there is a lot of useful stuff in there! I mean, who hasn't been on an epic shopping trip, loaded with bags and stumbling on your swollen feet, and glared at the toddler being pushed around in the stroller?

  • Celebretard Showdown: Ashlee Simpson vs. Jamie Lynn Spears

    Those of us who have little sisters know how annoying they can be (haha, love you Chloe!). Those of us who are humans who participate in society know how annoying famous little sisters can be. The most annoying of these are probably Ashlee Simpson (okay, the older sister is just as annoying...if not more so) and Jamie Lynn Spears (well...ditto).

  • Is That a Baby In Your Pants?

    We all have those days when we're a little bloaty and we can't get into our fave skinny jeans. Some of us even have whole seasons (damn you, winter, and your delicious heavy foods) when we can't fit into our skinny jeans. However, I'm pretty sure no one has had the issue of not being able to fit into their favorite jeans because there was a baby in them already...except this lady.

  • He Said/She Said: The Abortion Issue

    Abortion is not something I like to think about all the time. In my mind, if I'm careful enough, it's not something I really need to worry about. But just because I block it out and pretend that I'm invincible doesn't mean that it's not a huge issue in relationships (both serious and limited engagements).

  • Tuffy Luv Luvs Eggs

    Dear Tuffy Luv, I'm broke. But I'm still in college so I can't work full-time. So I had this great idea. I'm going to donate an egg. Do you know anything about this? All I know is it's going to make me money. Thank you, Tuffy!

  • An Open Letter to PMS

    Dear PMS: Why? Just why? Who do you think you are? I mean really. You come around once a month like that annoying friend you don't really want to hear from, yet every month, without fail, she asks you for plans and you feel sort of obligated.

  • He Said/She Said: Controlling Birth Control

    I used to think that guys who carried condoms in their wallets were big cocky jerks...until I found myself naked in bed with a super hottie who not only didn't have one on him (or, rather, in his wallet), but didn't have one anywhere in his apartment.

  • The Unreasonable Cost of Birth Control on Campus

    When someone wrote into College Candy asking us to investigate the raising prices of birth control on and near college campuses across America, I was moderately shocked. My freshman year, not to intentionally date myself--rather to make a point, was 2002.

  • Get a Freakin’ Room: Top 5 Annoying Couple-isms.

    Sure, I've been in love before, but in a watch-the-sunrise-over-bong-rips kinda way, not a need-to-keep-my-hand-on-your-ass-to-claim-my-territory kinda way.

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