• Candy Dish: Vampires Sweep Teen Choice Awards

    • Color me not-suprised. • But who was best dressed of the night? • Oh no! What did they do to Lea Michele? • Nick Lachey wants a reality show career. • Surprise! Taylor Momsen says something stupid! • Does bad sex have to be a dating deal breaker?

  • Duke It Out: “The Size of the Boat”

    "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean" - that's the saying, anyway. But with the new season of Hung and the start of The Hard Times of RJ Berger, it seems like having a big dick is still a big deal - in entertainment-land anyway.

  • 10 Easy Ways to Kill The Mood…Fast

    Hooking up in college is similar to navigating a minefield. You never quite know what you’re getting into or when it’s all going to go horribly wrong. Often the best of intentions turn out to be the most humiliating moments of your life. Here are the Top 10 Mood Killers you’re likely to encounter during your career as a collegiate bed hopper.

  • Sexy Time: Why Size DOESN’T Matter

    I seem to be on a roll with the truth telling lately. First it was semen myths, and then it was the things we believe about sex before we start actually having it. This week is going to be short and sweet (because I’m exhausted from my summer job. Why did no one warn me it was going to be so awful?); I’m going to tackle why size doesn’t matter.

  • Sexy Time: Stop Faking It!

    I learned about fake orgasms from The Simpsons. When I was a kid, I remember watching an episode in which Bart’s class was watching a sex-ed video. In the back of the class, smoking a cigarette, Mrs. Crabapple whispers under her breath “oh, she’s faking it.” Faking what, I didn’t really know at the time, and of course my sister replied to my questions with the standard “I’ll tell you when you’re older,” but it just took a little more whining and she told me everything.

  • The Doctor Is In: Dealing With Dysfunction

    Q: I’m not really sure if you’re the right person to ask but I’m really not sure who else to go to with this. Basically, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 months now. We just started to have sex but he can never seem to...keep it up. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing (or not doing...), and I don’t know if this is something we can fix?

  • Skinny Jeans Are Better Than Sex?

    If there's one thing I know about Americans, it's that we've got our priorities straight. We choose McDonalds over home-cooked meals, use plastic over paper (an attempt to "Go Green?") and love fitting into our old jeans more than having sex. Wait, what?

  • Would You Rather…The BF Edition [POLL]

    Would you rather date a guy who makes normal noises during sex but sounds like Chewbacca when he orgasms, OR date a guy who is completely silent every single time you have sex?

  • Candy Dish: Can We Talk About Something Besides Tiger?

    • Yeah, he's a tad shady. Can we move on? • Damn, QVC has a lot of great shiz. • Is that a Snuggie, Jessica Simpson? • So that's what makes for bad sex. • Everyone wants to see Lady Gaga. • Is loneliness contagious?

  • Want A Big O? Increase Your Emotional GPA…Or Find a New Partner

    Supposedly, those with low Emotional Intelligence (EI) suffer from female orgasmic disorder more than emotionally “in tune” ladies. The evidence? A study in which a thousand sets of twins were emotionally and sexually monitored showed a link between EI range and frequency of orgasm.

  • Sexy Time: Blame It On The L-L-L-LUBE

    Derrick* and I used to have great sex. We were both passionate, experimental, and great in bed (hey, confidence is a turn-on, right?). But lately we have been in a rut, and I blame it on lube.

  • I Want You to Want Me

    Last week Oprah had an episode discussing sex, sexual attraction and the things women want when it comes to doin' the dirty. The episode as a whole was fascinating - did you know there is an equation for figuring out how hot someone is?? - but one point that really stuck out to me was the discussion of sexual desire.

  • He Said/She Said: Do Dudes Talk?

    When I was a freshman I was fortunate to meet my best friends in the world right there in my hall. We were all randomly placed there, but it took no time to realize that fate had put us there together. The 8 of us hit it off immediately and began spending every moment together.

  • Drunk Guys Make Better Lovers?

    According to a recent study of 1,580 Australian men (ugh, the best kind), drinking alcohol migh…

  • He Said/She Said: What Makes a Girl Bad in Bed?

    I know full-well what makes a man not-so-good in bed. I know it when I can’t sit comfortabl…

  • You Always Remember Your Worst

    I consider myself an equal opportunity dater: non-discriminatory and always up for a new chall…

  • The Forbidden Bone: 5 Men Not To Sleep With

    1. YOUR FRIEND’S ROOMMATE In this wacky age of co-ed cohabitation, it’s common to spot a likely y…

  • Sex Toy Shopping Pt. 2: Horror In Latex (NSFW)

    Sex toys are great. They’re empowering. They’re sexy. They help you to figure out your body and h…